Good Day For Philly Sports

by Tass on Nov.23, 2009, under Random Stuff, Sports

As a Philly sports fan, I’ve grown up as the ultimate pessimist. From 1983 through 2008, the city had 0 major championships across the 4 major sports… 100 seasons without one (‘Nova won a championship in 85 in ncaab, Penn State in 86 in ncaaf). 0-7 in championship finals during that span, with at least 1 loss in all 4 sports. Pretty much, we expect to lose. The Phillies are the losingest team in any sport in history (aided by a very long season and 125+ seasons, of course).

So any day when 2 Philly teams are on national TV and win… it’s a big thing to me. Villanova’s 5th ranked Wildcats played in the finals of a tournament in Puerto Rico, aired on ESPN2. Close in the 1st half and early in the 2nd, they pulled away late and won by double digits over Ole Miss. Airing at the exact same time on NBC (doesn’t anyone know not to do this to me?!?) was the Eagles v Bears. Of course, since the never know what to expect out of the Birds, I’m always nervous while watching. They didn’t disappoint, trading the lead back and forth and displaying timid play-calling late in the game when trying to sit on a lead. The Bears had a shot to win in the final 2 minutes, but thankfully Jay Cutler sucks… because Andy Reid’s prevent defense was ripe for the picking.

Yay Philly!

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