FGS10 – I’m Super Excited

by Tass on Dec.09, 2009, under Flash, Flash Gaming Summit, Personal

I’m willing to bet that most don’t even know what FGS is. It stands for Flash Gaming Summit, and it’s put together by Mochi. It’s meant to bring together people in the industry, have some discussion, and generally make us all more kickass than we already are. Last year was the first event, and it directly led to many of my current business contacts. I can’t wait until March for the next one.

As someone who provides a non-crucial service, it’s hard getting people to know who I am and to listen to why I can help them. I’ve sent out countless emails to developers and sponsors over the past year, and for the most part… I’ve had a lot of success. I want to believe this is because I’m a flash-game super genius whose abilities have spread to all corners of the galaxy. In reality, I think it has to do with my ability to say that I work with sites like Armor, Kong, and Candystand. They give me clout. And it was at FGS09 that I had my first real conversations with Greg, Emily, and Jim from Kong and Dave from Candystand. Without FGS09, I likely would be working in a cubicle right now… and that is a scary thought.

So FGS is mega-important to me. To further promote myself (and, also because I think I have worthwhile stuff to say, in spite of this blog), I’ll be submitting a panel proposal; won’t share any details about the topic or who else will be on the proposed panel until I know whether it’s accepted or not though. I also hope that all of you fine folk will be attending. Please let me know if you will be… I’d love to say hello and share a danish. Plus, I’m curious if anyone actually reads this. :-/.

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4 Comments for this entry

  • BeeBQ

    Its always amazed me ever since you first burst onto the scene with your walkthrough videos that you can actually find enough work in the flash world to actually pay you a decent wage especially seen as you only act as a consultant in the development process and make in game walkthrough videos.

    Good luck in creating more business contacts and generating more work for yourself at the summit. Would love to go to an event such as FGS10 as I’m a big big fan of flash gaming but unfortunately its a long way to travel from the UK.


  • Tass

    Thanks. :) And let’s be clear… there’s a difference between “decent wage” and “make enough to pay my bills”. At least in my mind. I’m fortunate enough to be happy with a simple lifestyle, so despite living in an expensive city, my cost of living is relatively low. Also, FGS is definitely still an industry event… it wouldn’t make sense to attend unless you’re working in the industry, mostly as a dev or sponsor, but there are some tech and marketing people there as well. It’s also nicely slated for the day before GDC, so those looking to stay for the larger conference can.

  • Ada Chen

    Tass, thanks so much for your kind words! :D It’s hearing wonderful stories like yours that keep us going with organizing an event like Flash Gaming Summit, and we’re really looking forward to putting it on again in March as an even bigger and better event. If you have any ideas from your experience last year on how we can improve it, don’t forget to let us know :)

  • Gext3r

    ..Mm.. danish…

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