Me + TV = 2010!

by Tass on Dec.31, 2009, under Personal, Random Stuff, Whorli

I am all alone for New Years. Nobody loves me. :(

Nah… I don’t really care one way or the other. A bit annoying, but stuff happens. Back when I planned this 2+ week trip to Philly, Whorli was working at 1 place, and was going to have to work Christmas and New Years. So I figured I’d stay in Philly a bit longer, as we wouldn’t be together for ball droppings (lulz). Alas, she quit that job and went to work for a rival place… and now gets off work at 10pm, leaving her free for New Year parties and sharing ball-induced kissy-face with me. Except I’m still in Philly. Top that off with none of my friends live in this area any more (only one even lives in the state) and I’m alone. Oh yeah… did I mention I’ve had a head cold for the past 2 days as well? Yay!

So I’m sitting here watching bowl games on ESPN, reading, doing a bit of work, and trying to breathe without making my headache worse.

One more pro for moving back to Philly; no more holiday worries about being on the same coast as Whorli, my family, or whoever.

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