Stop Messaging Me About FFR

by Tass on Jan.04, 2010, under Flash, Flash Flash Revolution, Game, Personal, Random Stuff

EDIT: There is now an FFR-specific forum located here.

Seriously. Please stop IMing me, whispering me on Kong, posting comments on my YT channel, or emailing me about FFR being down. I understand it’s been down for over 2 weeks now. I have NOTHING to do with it. I haven’t worked for FFR in months. If you weren’t aware of that, read this earlier blog post.

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12 Comments for this entry

  • Godnick

    What you have done for ffr will give you fantastic things for the future. I think great things will be headed your way for all the work you’ve put in at keeping a great game alive as long as you did. Besides that, you have great potential Tass. I’ve always found you to be a genius. You can do so many brilliant things. You don’t deserve a shit pay, you can do so much more, I know you can. There’s not very many people out there who would/or could do some of the things you are capable of doing. Fuck Synth, you should be a millionaire. I really hope you do something extraordinary with your life, your capabilities are endless, You completely have what it takes. I don’t wanna see somebody as unique as you fall under in the future.

  • Gordelox

    Do you have any contact information for Synth? Email, phone etc? I don’t play FFR anymore, but I would like to a) deflect some of these complaints to the people they should be going to and b) tell him how stupid he is for the state he’s left his site in…

    Like i said, i don’t bother with FFR anymore, but as a programmer, it pisses me off to see under-par maintenance and upkeep, i mean hes not even trying

  • Jibgilmon

    @Gordelox Did you read the message he put up a couple months ago…. Even if he had contact info it’s not like Synth would respond….

    If you ask me, Synth had a problem with money/bills or the server, and he doesn’t have the time/money/desire (we all know he’s lazy) to fix it. Expect it to be up in a month, when someone in real life (some how) bugs him about it, and when he gets a pay check, and when he lets go of his Xbox controller.

    Stop bitching everyone. As much as I hate Stepmania, using it is only gunna make you better….

  • 14 scrapkilla member of ffr

    wtf did u do to ffr go fuck your self

  • Cick


    Gogo, temp fix. Plus it’s definitely more challenging.

  • Gordelox

    @Jibgilmon, yeah I read the post, and I understand that Synth prob wouldnt get back to me. It just purely about the stupidity of webmasters. I have my own game in development, and if I ever got fans I would never leave them with some half as “Brb Lolz” message for a homepage. The fans deserve at the very least an explanation, but we aren’t even left with anywhere we can find information or ask questions (that’s why im here, the only place on the internet that has anything to do with the situation…) The 10,000 plus people that loved that game deserve something ya know? Im not bitching, but pretend Canada was like “Well free health care is gone! It was free, we really didn’t do anything for it, but we feel like we deserve is, and when they take it away we feel like we had something of ours taken away. Anyway i’m done with this, and thanks tassle for putting up with all this FFR crap, you keep on keepin on, your too good for Synth, FFR and all that jazz.

  • Geist

    You should definitely be blackballed from ever working for any site like this again. Clearly you cannot take the on the responsibilities that go hand-in-hand with being entrusted with a website’s well being. It would seem at least somewhat likely that you would pull some fabricated, one-sided bullshit like this again with another site.

    Nobody could give a rat’s ass what was going on behind the scenes if they were having fun. This entire beef stems from money and communication issues and looking for someone to blame. It’s unbelievably disrespectful to the userbase, your co-workers and everyone else involved with working with FFR.

    I’m also a firm believer in harsh punishments for any and all transgressions.

  • Tass

    Clearly you’ve never had a job before. I’m just supposed to keep doing what I’m doing while not getting paid and not getting any information whatsoever from my boss? Yeah, sure. Not to mention, the site infrastructure was never anywhere near my responsibilities.

  • Sputnik

    Well Synth’s an asshole for not even disclosing details about the closure. I don’t even understand how you could completely lose interest in years work.
    He could have easily asked for donations, or exploited FFR for money.
    It was fun while it lasted.

  • Casey

    You were always my favorite, Tass. Even though things happened the way they did, you at least had the decency to inform at least some of the FFR community the going-on’s of the truth behind the downfall of the site. Since I wasn’t there and can’t really allude to the actual events, it seems to me like Synth was a habitual liar, but hey, who really knows but Synth himself. *hug* You didn’t deserve that kind of treatment, but at least now you can move on to even bigger and better things. You’ll be a rock star again some day haha :D

  • fire_under_water [member of FFR]

    I’m so sorry to hear about the downfalling of FFR. I’ve been playing off and on for 4-5 years, and I had no clue things had gone down.
    Would anyone ever be interested in helping me build a new and improved FFR site? I’m not really sur ehow I would do it, but i’m sure if we got enough people together, it could be done. With over a million fans, there has to be SOMETHING we can do all together.
    If anyone is willing to help and say “screw you” to Synth, then just drop me an email, and we’ll see what we can do. fire_under_water@sbcglobal.net
    Again, so sorry to hear about all of this Tass. You made FFR what it was, and what everyone will always remember it to be.
    Long time fan, and will never forget the site,

  • AvidFFRPlayer

    I’m really sorry to hear about all the s**t that you had to go through. It’s shocking to hear that someone who is in charge of everything to do with the game couldn’t even bother to try and save it, but that’s just poor business etiquette on Synth’s part. I wish there were a way that we could’ve saved the site and got you in charge, because to me it sounds like you were the brains of the operation or at least knew what the company could do to maintain consumer attraction as well as business attraction (ex: sponsors, donors, etc.). Tass, it’s a shame that this happened and I wish that things could’ve played out better than they did, but I’m pretty certain that things happened for the best at least for you. Like I said, you were basically the brains of it so I’m sure you wouldn’t have much trouble finding something byfar better than this gig! Congratulations to you for all the hard work you put into it and doing what you could to try to save it. Best wishes!

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