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by Tass on Jan.12, 2010, under Flash, Game, Site Stuff

My last post was a bit of a lead in to this… I’m going to begin hosting some popular flash games on the site. I’d like for the site to be more than just a blog, and turning it into a destination for quality flash games is the next logical step. To accomplish that, I took the baby step of installing a wordpress games plugin. I’ll be messing around with it a bit this week, and hopefully will start adding a few games once I get the layout how I want it (which will probably be harder than it sounds, given how completely inept I am at anything web design related).

I have no plans of adding thousands of games. For one, that’s WAY too much work. Also, it’s not my way to endorse crappy games… which is what having them on my site would be. So, the only games you’ll find on my site will be ones that I approve of and am comfortable endorsing and letting you guys play. :) I’m open to suggestions as well.

The real goal, eventually, will be to start licensing games to draw users to the site. But that seems very far off, given that I still don’t understand how some of these sites are able to spend thousands of dollars on a marginal game that likely won’t get more than a few hundred thousand gameplays across the web. I’ll save those questions for another post though.

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  • Astral

    Ads revenue gives alot.. really alot when there’s traffic.

    No wonder some of youtube makes a living out of it.

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