Now With Forum Power!

by Tass on Feb.10, 2010, under Flash Flash Revolution, Site Stuff

I know I said I wouldn’t talk about FFR anymore… but the fact that I’m still getting about 5 comments a day on my FFR Lo-Down post, I felt I needed to do something for those fans aching for a place to call home. So I decided to purchase a vBulletin license and set up a forum.

To start, I have 2 forums… General and FFR People. General will be for anything… suggestions, feedback, bugs, what you had for breakfast… whatever. If I see certain things are requested (such as a Walkthroughs or Flash Game forum), I’ll add them. The FFR People forum will be for those former FFR users to congregate, meet up, talk about the good old days, that sort of thing.

Hopefully this will be beneficial to some folk. Take a look and register.

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7 Comments for this entry

  • bobeck2`

    I guess I’ll be the first one to say it here but Thanks Tass, It means a lot to me and I’m sure I speak for the rest of the ffr community.


  • momo (monish)

    Tass please spread this news. youl love it too!!!!
    FFR is back up here the link:http://ffr.lightdarkness.net/FFR/
    It works too.
    people will stop bugging you for sure!!
    take a look at it yourself.
    please make a blogpost

  • ASD

    momo thank you so much. Even though its not exctly the same it still works and it’s great thank you so much. :-)

  • ASD

    nvm… i now see that the notes are part of the backround and do not work, and there is no music. that ffr is just pointless and its more of a show then a game :-(
    thanks for trying.

  • tonys1126

    man i was a member for 3 years everyday straight. tass youve always been there for all of us. ffr was more like a big family and now our parents seperated thats how i feel man. i wasnt obsessed but i really enjoyed the site were counting on you tass. and caps and all that pfft im on my phone so thats y keys too small tonys1126 was my ffr name do your best pal i beleive in you man

  • John

    Tasselfoot, good job. Momo, the FFR game was a good try, but it failed.

  • EFSpartan

    @ASD Hey everything works and there’s music. I just played a game. Bloody awesome.

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