This Is The Only Level TOO! Now Out!

by Tass on Feb.17, 2010, under armor games, Flash, Game, jmtb02, Puzzle, Walkthrough, youtube

So after all this type and posts and whatnot… the game is now out. Play it. Post comments telling me your thoughts on it.

Play TITOL2 here on Tasselfoot.com. Play TITOL2 on Armor Games.

If you need assistance (you probably will… the game is harder than the first!), try this.

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9 Comments for this entry

  • Bakuda

    Well…this second level of TITOL had me laughing most of the way through. A few thoughts on the game. First of all…I thought it was hysterical that you have to go to YOUR walkthrough to get through one of the levels. What a way to boost page views! My absolute favorite level was the warp zone. I about busted a gut when I walked above the screen and saw that!!! I was stuck on the “What’s on the menu” stage for a while. I visited the menu like 10 times before I finally figured it out. The hardest level was definately the freefall level. Lost so many good elephants on that one. So overall, the game is an absolute success, two thumbs up, 5/5 stars, etc… Way to go Tass!

  • dean_machine

    I was determined not to use your walkthrough till I got stuck on level 15 xD I didn’t use it for anything else though. It was a lot of fun, and it had really great ways of completing the levels.

  • Astral

    Fun, unexpected, but I expected more levels.
    Great game nonetheless.

  • Manoj Sahu


    wonderful game, loves to play the TITOL2 :)

    its ow my favorite game.

    the only thing i want to say “can you pleas disable RIGHT-CLICK in game.?”

  • Kyle

    Dude, this game is possibly the best thing since EVER.

  • Bakuda

    The Frustratingly Manipulative Level mode is evil…EVIL!

  • Jianei

    LOL The Level With The Seizure was hilarious!
    I lost so many elephants trying to find out what happened!!!!

  • Odey

    Plz tell what to do on 15 sucking annoying

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