Ditloid Up For Bid On FGL

by Tass on Jun.19, 2010, under Flash, Flash Flash Revolution, Game, Personal, Puzzle, Tasselfoot Studios, Upcoming Games, Walkthrough

My first game is up for bid on FlashGameLicense.com (FGL). Ditloid is a word-based logic puzzle game where you are given a number and the 1st letter of each of the words in the problem, then you have to deduce what the puzzle is. Such as 60 S in a M would be 60 seconds in a minute. The game features 100 levels spread across 3 difficulties. There are 2 forms of in-game hints, plus a walkthrough. All 100 levels are open from the start, and you can freely skip from 1 to the next. The game IS hard; it’s not something you’re going to complete in 1 sitting… it’s a game where you take a few puzzles with you, and maybe the answer to one of them pops into your head 3 hours later with a sense of “ooooh! nice.” and accomplishment.

Anyway, hopefully it sells for some good money. Krayz did a great job on the programming and dealing with my never-ending list of bugs and changes.

Since tons of people want to know about FFR… I got an email from Synth last night that he was indisposed and would hopefully have the site up by Monday. So we’ll see.

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25 Comments for this entry

  • vhr


    Kind of had my hopes up for the 18th launch. I knew in the back of my head that it would probably be later anyways. So I guess I’m not as disappointed as if I had truly believed it.

  • Donjo

    Hey. We’ve waited months and months and have even lost all hope for FFR coming back as it was. Now that that hope has been revived, waiting just a few more days doesn’t really seem that bad. What’s just a few more days after the months we’ve waited? For now, we should try to trust Synth’s word that he will get the site back up.

  • Richard Bowman (richyrich55)

    Idk if synth will see this but if he does:

    Please, PLEASE keep your word this time. Do you have any idea as to how much FFR meant to some people?

  • Mike

    Hey Tass, I don’t know Synth, but if you could send him my thanks for his hard work getting FFR back up, I’m sure it would be gratifying for him to know that at least one of his fans appreciates him doing something that a lot of people don’t seem to realize he doesn’t have to do. Although I didn’t start playing FFR until just before it crashed, I’ve been following the story and waiting patiently for it to come back, and I’m nothing but excited for Monday now. At the same time, I can understand why some people feel like they’re entitled to the game, and are disappointed that they’ve been denied it for so long. IMO, both of those things suggest that FFR is a great thing and Synth is doing a great thing by working to get it back online, and he deserves everyone’s support.

    I’m a pretty big fan of yours too. I’ve gotten a handful of impossible badges on Kong, but for someone to get them ALL, especially in games like Line Game… You’ve gotta be a machine. Later

  • Cesar Millan

    Now we have the Synthlight in the submissive state.

  • Rando Mgamer

    I’ve played FFR for 5 years. All the way back to the point where I’d play the easy supermario bros. song over and over trying to pass it… I’ve came a long way, seeing as I am not the best, most devoted player but I can AA any song I get on stepmania (save for songs that have the same level of intensity as VERTEX BETA vROFL….) and used to love making random accounts to play MP on… I think we gotta give Synth a hand and forgive his seemingly introvertedness, the fact that he MADE FFR should be enough credit to give him a bit of a break – ‘specially since he is supposedly working to get it up and running again.

    I agree with what Mike (above) said – and I think Synth would be willing to work harder if he saw a bit more positive posts and appreciation rather than the opposite. :)

    By the way, Tass, your a cool guy

  • Guenox45

    “…and would hopefully have the site up by Monday”

    LOL. Any monday for the rest of eternity.

  • Harvii

    The game sounds awesome, Tass! I’m looking forward to the challenge.

  • Angel

    lol, so um, monday right? that’s silly… I mean I know it takes a while, but dont lead people on and getting their hopes up >.>

  • sammerz

    It’s such a bummer that it wasn’t up yesterday(monday) every time it’s supposed to go back up i get so excited, just to get knocked back down.

    I’m hoping the site will be up SOON! because i can’t wait much longer i’m gonna go crazy ! :)

    Thanks for all the updates Tass :)

  • emithith

    Darn, not up yet? That really makes me disappoint. Keep working on getting an answer from him Tass, and thanks for the updates!

  • fudgepop

    could be next monday…

  • Logathion

    My F5 key just fell off my keyboard…

    when i heard the FFR site was coming back, i constructed a shrine to Synth and Tass, and made offerings of the finest livestock.

  • Edward

    not easy wen u have web server to fix lol specially wen u working fast as possible to have the site up an get it going online then after its online if im right u background or do check up see if everything on Schedule an running smoothly let me just say its a mess wen something goes down lol after online they’ll do a big check up see everything running correctly

  • Sam

    @ Edward: wat?

  • Me

    Fuck, Edward it’s called punctuation!

  • Angel

    yo tass, tell us watsup…wats new? any news? nada? call the guy and ask or somethin D:!

  • sammerz

    any new updates please?

  • gina

    Just to echo the notes above…FFR meant a great deal to a lot of people, much more than a “game” but rather a way of life…Would it help to get little contributions ($$) from all the people who love & miss FFR dearly? Is there some sort of cheerleading fund for this magical Synth who holds the power of the world in his own glorious fingertips!? I’d gladly give him some motivation bucks. I’d bake him his fav cookies if Iknew what it was…

  • bubbaloo77

    … almost two extra monthes now, whats happening?

  • NAOKIFan999

    if it comes back, i can get all the simfiles that i need to complete my pack, leave updates tass :)

  • YourMom

    So….did he say anything yet

  • Angel

    I’m sorry Tass… I think your a great person, I think your intelligent, but I have a feeling your totally ignoring the FFR idea of coming back.. I mean you don’t even post about it anymore..Shoot, You don’t even ask anymore!!..I’m sorry Tass..but I’m no longer going to be checking your site. I was interested, but now I’m just too disappointed… You didn’t even try to gain control or anything. But whatever.. Bye “tass”

  • sergio

    BS.. ffr is never coming back.!

  • Anonnyyyy

    FFR is backkk!

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