Concerns With YouTube

by Tass on Sep.03, 2010, under Uncategorized

I’ve been having problems with ads on some of my videos over the past few weeks, and it’s starting to worry me. For most of the past 18 months (since I joined the partner program), my videos have had ads approved automatically, as soon as I upload them. Every once in a while I’d have a video that they’d ask for more information on. I’d provide it and they’d approve the ads… delaying things 24-36 hours.

But recently, almost every video I’ve added has either taken 24+ hours to have ads approved, requested more information and taken 48+ hours to get them approved, or a few have been outright rejected for ads right away. None of it makes sense. I’m a partner in good standing. I’m by no means a large channel… but I’m not small either; the forums are littered with people who do a few hundred views a day whining that they get no response from YouTube. I do get responses when I email partner support… they just are completely worthless ones. You’d think that my standing, history, and 3.5+ million views a month would get me some actual answers… but it doesn’t. I’m large enough to get responses, but not big enough for them to care to actually help me.

Most recently, I uploaded 2 videos for a new Saunavihta game on Wednesday morning (9am PST). It’s been 60+ hours, and they still do not have ads… nor have I gotten a request to provide more information. And, of course, the 2 videos I uploaded today for Sieger don’t have ads yet either. Between the delays and the outright rejections for no reason, I’ve lost hundreds of thousands of impressions (and so has YouTube).

I’m starting to get really annoyed and worried. I’m dependent on my revenue from YouTube to live… and if they aren’t approving my ads in a timely manner, I’m going to continue to lose hundreds of thousands of impressions. That adds up very, very quickly. I’ve tried explaining this to partner support. I’ve tried asking to get automatic ads back on my videos. I’ve tried asking for 1 specific YouTube employee to be my representative. And I get nothing of consequence back. And there’s nothing I can do about it.

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