Nov 1st

by Tass on Sep.13, 2010, under Flash Flash Revolution, ThirdStyle

Stay tuned…

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  • Shad0wlord

    Remember Remember, the 1st of November.

  • Zageron

    I saw this date yesterday. This is going to be interesting.

    FFR community, TS engine.
    TS Community, ts engine?? who knows

  • Paultagg


  • Plan_B

    FFR will put up a new image?! O_o

  • ~Z~

    O.O Could mean anything. Hopefully, good news…

  • AkaAnonymous (Formerly known as Linkisdoomed)

    SSDD. Synth called tass. Tass is helping Synth pull our leg. FFR is dead. The end.

  • eh

    I think this is bull. Quit telling people. Seriously if it’s coming up. Then just let it happen. Quit putting peoples hopes up.

  • meow

    either ffr’s coming back or something along the lines of “for the third time, this is the only level” is gonna happen

  • lol

    Tass, I appreciate you posting this for the people that are interested… if that is the reason you’re posting it… but this whole thing is a little bewildering. This is what I’ve seen:

    FFR goes down in December of 2009 to make upgrades.
    The upgrades still don’t happen by February, so FFR is assumed dead.
    Numerous sites do their best to replace FFR in some way, but there’s still no official word on what happened.
    You post a blog in May about what happened to FFR.
    A release date for June 18th is spread around somewhere (I forget where it originated now).
    By July 2nd, FFR is still down, there’s no new official notices, we’re still asking you what’s happened, and you flat-out say you don’t want to talk about it.

    Basically, I see zero accountability from all parties involved in spreading these silly rumors that FFR is going to come back. I know you were trying to help, and were probably excited yourself, but you had to have known that a lot of people miss FFR and want it to come back; FAR more people than have commented on your blogs about it, or registered for your forums (this is the first thing I’m saying on your site, and it’s because I’ve finally had enough of this nonsense, but I’ve been checking since this all started). So for you to spread all those dates around and then not say anything formally about anything that happened is pretty weak. No 3-sentence blog or anything; just some obscure blog comment saying “Synth has stopped talking to me.” Leaving things like that, do you really expect us to respond positively to the next date that randomly pops up out of nowhere? This looks so much like a repeat of this year’s events that it’s almost comical: FFR goes down, leaves a notice that doesn’t really say anything (only now it’s a picture), and then all the sudden you just happen to come up with a date. That sounds REALLY familiar.

    But the saddest part is that, as if the huge disappointment of the June 18th release date wasn’t enough, you actually have the nerve to do the exact same thing again. You actually have the nerve to put out another newspost when come on, let’s get real: you don’t know jack shit, because the people that have given you this release date don’t know jack shit. This date is just as meaningless as the last one because the same crowd of people who are a combination of too lazy to get things in motion, too busy to care, and too broke to be able to afford it are the ones that have spread it to you for you to pass it down. And you actually have the nerve to pass it down.

    I started this blog with saying thanks for humoring those of us that care enough to check your site now and then for some news, and those thanks are sincere, because I think you’re trying to do a good thing here; that is, I don’t think this is a prank just yet (and maybe that makes me a fool). But as people have said before me: if FFR is going to come back, it’s going to come back. Let it, and stop with the false hopes in the event that it doesn’t.

  • eh

    (Praising lol’s comment.) Very true

  • dawnerd

    Just to clear some things up, FFR isn’t coming back. This has nothing to do with FFR. And whatever it may be, is in fact coming on Nov. 1st.

    Stay tuned :)

  • awein999

    it’s simple, assume it’s gone and if it EVER comes back it’s a nice surprise.

    No need for more words.

  • Edward

    FFR is a big server that’s maintained an updated alot an watch for bugs an also a big job to keep that server going say like youtube.com that a big popular server gets over 1million ppl everyday that server cost alot to run back then but then they went to a different company that had more GB an cost less expensive but also will have commercials because of this but what im saying is FFR had a few admins was being paid to keep it going an the 1 admin decide to shutdown because of the cost or to much work or pressure! only way for it to come back on is for him to leave info to the other trusted admin or either rebuild FFR rebuild FFr will take more then 2 ppl an a few months to do it i remember wen FFR was out in 2003-2004 an started building up an got popular on the web 2006 an more in the beginning in 2009 only way FFR can come back on first admin must give info to the admins to start it up an pay for it or either rebuild it.

  • ahhhh ok

    Ed, could you give us a little more detail? I think you almost cleared it up for us, but it was a little vague.

    I think I know what you mean, just not quite sure.

  • Mushyrulez

    Oh, haha; do ya have a designer for the new theme yet? Didn’t check that FGL thread though :/

  • welll

    i hope it’s not thirdstyle…

  • lol

    It’s obviously third style.
    Silly mortals.

  • Edward

    lol im hyper-sonic-xlc on FFR been a member since 2004 iv been a network admin i work on computer internet wifi ports an fix alot of electronic iv been a network admin for 10yrs now an still going but what i was saying is that FFR is down due to a core server there running a server that has a good size GB to store all the info and every buddy’s log in an stuff what there saying that the server has an issue an didn’t respond right an crash an the main admin got alot of work to do an hase a job on his spire time he trying his best his very best to get everything back with out remaking FFR an with out loosing the stuff there no back up files made or anything now that ffr crash there might be planes for making backup wen FFR comes down again an have it restore back up in a few hrs remaking FFR will take another 8yrs to get were it was right now an to get the website going take another few months to start it an the 8yrs part is were it was before it shut down i read info more like the FFR server had shut down an there doing much as possible to rebuild it quick as they can to start it up save all data info an restore it in the new drives an have new graphics an new server an start it up an see what happens site remains open that why u see a picture of FFR it still running just server down an there working on it after it up it gonna be who gonna pay to keep it going or something else only admins know they don’t want to rebuild it because what they have will loose take another months to yrs of work to get back what they lost! like youtube shutdown all the work they did an its gone! an it will take sooo much work to rebuild youtube but youtube got backup just encase any mistake they made can be fix with no problem!FFR didn’t have no back up plans i don’t think? wen server shutdown an don’t respond and doesn’t have a backup copy plan on another hard disk. FFr admins working there best on the server get it going again reason the date keep changing because they think it may be up on this time but it ant taking alot longer to restore its data alot harder then u think on a dead hard drive or what ever the drive there facing against!

  • Edward

    any other information u cant contact me threw aim axeclix6

  • Edward

    can contact me i ment im on aim axeclix6 im sorry for a double post! im available 24.7 for any information want to ask about FFR or anything yall have question just leave a txt if im not there ill respond wen i get home from work! email- night-rider12@hotmail.com

  • damn

    i thought this would be something exciting but it’s just third style. lame.

  • anon

    See Dawnerd, your post is the prime example of what I meant when I said that the people giving the release dates don’t know jack shit. Your comment is riddled with crap.

    1. “FFR isn’t coming back” Unless you are Synthlight, there is no way for you to know this 100%, but here you are, an authoritative figure in the eyes of many FFR fans since you were an FFR admin and the Thirdstyle coordinator, saying these things like they’re fact. This is the same sort of misinformation that has been spread since FFR’s disappearance, and it just makes things worse.

    2. “This has nothing to do with FFR” This is the biggest load of bullshit in your entire comment. This has EVERYTHING to do with FFR because your entire site is based on the original foundation FFR laid in this Flash music game community. If it had nothing to do with FFR, then your site wouldn’t be called Thirdstyle, something that was taken directly from FFR’s history. This blog post was also filed under the FLashFlashRevolution category, and rightly so. And finally, your entire engine is probably based on FFR’s engine, unless you wrote the entire thing from the ground up in this amount of time, which I highly doubt. So yeah, I think this has a little more do with with FFR than “nothing”.

    3. “And whatever it may be, is in fact coming on Nov. 1st” We’re back to spreading more stupid release dates, and therefore more false hope. In order for you to know FOR A FACT that whatever this is really is coming on Nov. 1, you would have to already have it finished.
    - If you do have it finished already, then you’re an ass for pushing the date back all the way to November 1. We have all waited a REALLY long time for something to happen and you know that. This wasn’t even announced halfway through September, so even October 1 would have been a good enough wait if you wanted some stupid hype or something.
    - If you don’t have it finished already, then you’re an ass for giving the release date at all because it’s the same thing we’ve all been dealing with for over 6 months now: crap release dates. If you don’t have it finished, you don’t know how many unforseen things can cause the release date to be pushed back, causing even more cynicism, skepticism, and disappointment. So basically, you’re an ass either way, Dawnerd, for giving us these stupid release dates and expecting us to somehow care about your FFR-spin-off site.

    This is really pretty ridiculous, and while I should just stop caring and stop checking, I do care, so I’ll keep checking. I can’t just stop caring about FFR, just like a lot of other people can’t, because we spent many years loving both the game and the community. That kind of thing doesn’t just go away if it really meant something to you, so I won’t try to play the cool part and say “Who cares” because I care, and I’m not ashamed to admit that. So rather than trying to please the many fans that want the site to return, let it just rest in peace if it isn’t to return at all, and stop capitalizing on people’s anxiety for something to happen.

  • Brian

    Wow, I would like to hope ThirdStyle or whatever it is will happen Nov.1, but it’s kind of hard after what went down. Oh well, here’s to hoping this one happens to be true. :/

  • Devonin

    If this has nothing to do with FFR, why was it posted under the ‘Flash Flash Revolution’ tag?

  • Bob

    thirdstyle is gay

  • Sage

    You all need to stop bitching seriously! For those of you that did, you all have the biggest Vag to say “oh FFR’s not coming back, Synth is a retard” and yet you all want FFR to come back after all the shit you give him and you think that Tass is a shithead for posting this??? Stop the harrasment, pull your heads outta your asses, and just wait ’till Effin’ Nov. 1st! lord all mighty you guys are like a bunch of 10 year olds, “I want FFR but it’s not here so i’m gonna be a bitch and hopefully it’ll come back.” I’m upset too but i’m not goin’ around pointin’ fingers at EVERYONE!!! Jesus Christ…*whew* now that that’s outta the way, Nov 1st, I await with open arms!

  • Edward

    agree with Sage ppl need to listen an be patient i dont know why ppl have a big fight about it im explaining about this mess best i can for yall in a calm way an telling yall what happn on the server that got shut down only why FFR is down because it crash wen it was being updated with the style they selected or either the server crash on something els

  • Bob

    Thirdstyle sucks, im not complaing at ffr, im just saying that thirdstyle will be balls

  • ClearHeart

    Edward, your comments confuse me, your english is okay but it’s incomprehensible, so I really need to analyze what you’re saying to understand it, and I don’t like analyzing a whole wall of text.

    As for my opinion I think whoever it was that had rants (no clue as to his name, only person besides ed who’s posted long messages) is completely right. There’s plenty of people who want the game back, but stop holding these dates over our heads and then not coming through, tell us “it’ll be up tomorrow as soon as we put the finishing touches on the site” not “it’ll be up in two months once we finish coding the rest of the engine and get the site looking pretty, that is, if noone quits on us and everything goes according to plan.” If noone’s noticed. Since the site went down, nothing that has to do with FFR has gone according to plan, therefore, don’t plan. Tell us it’s happening when it happens, not before, that is all.

  • annnnd...

    now that the site’s back up, half of the people here look like total dicks


  • Sage

    HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA I called it! look who looks like total idiots for not being patient, For those who wern’t anyway.

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