Nov 1st – Explanation

by Tass on Oct.09, 2010, under ThirdStyle

Given certain events, we felt that it was appropriate to explain what it is that we’ve been teasing about. About 2 months ago, JasonKey called me up and asked if I’d be interested in meeting up and discussing starting up a new music site. I said I’d need to know more about it, but generally speaking… yes, I’d be interested. After a few more calls, and chats with others, 6 of us met up to see if this is something we wanted to do. The 6 are Jason, myself, Troy (Maldon/Dawnerd), Isak (Summerschool), Ricky (DrugstoreCowboy), and a new team member brought in by Jason, Jay (will be known as J). Over this weekend, it was clear that we wanted to move forward and try and start up a new site, so we hashed out a basic plan.

For all of you, the most important information is that we’ll be using thirdstyle.com as our site and that this project has absolutely nothing to do with any previous rhythm game experience we might have had. Our focus is going to be heavily on the music side, although we will not ignore our gaming friends. We don’t want to share too much with you, yet, but our goal is to stand a site up by November 1st. The site will center around a 4-key rhythm game, although we have ambitious plans to be much more.

We will be opening the site/game up to a very small number of people over the next week or so, and then have a larger beta (taking from the user comments I received in my previous post) towards the end of October. It’s still unclear whether November 1st will be a public release, or just a much bigger beta… but it will be something.

If you have any questions, post them as comments… I’ll consider answering some of them in a future post. :) And don’t forget to bookmark thirdstyle.com!

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29 Comments for this entry

  • Plan_B

    1. Its kind of hard to say this is not like any other rhythm game experience or whatever because based off of the video providing the preview of the game, it just simply looks a combo of SM and mungyodance. So basically taking two downloadable rhythm arrow games and throwing it onto a site. There is nothing unique or new about it that shows even an attempt to separate is from any other rhythm game or just any 4 key rhythm game. Now dont get me wrong, but I will have no problem changing my views on this once the game is released since there is prob more about it idk about, but from what was provided, I dont see anything too fancy here to be hyped about.

    2. Change the site name, thirdstyle makes no sense.

  • ~Z~

    With FFR back, your site doesn’t stand a chance. Sorry. Paying attention about the community is definitely more positive than paying attention to business and music. Also, setting a goal for November 1st; Good luck.

  • Zageron

    Great to hear Tass. I’ll see you guys in nov.

  • orlando2k7

    Love the news, thanks for the info Tass.

  • FunSize

    ~Z~, Do you think Synth has actually cared about the community on FFR for the last year and a half? If you do, I think you are sadly mistaken. Guy tore down the site without even a heads up and left everybody with a bad taste in their mouth. But sure, FFR cares so much about community.

  • AkaAnonymous (Formerly known as Linkisdoomed)

    I chuckle at the idea that you have no clue FFR has returned.

  • FunSize

    I hope that wasn’t directed at me.

    I laugh at the fact that after a year of it being down, there are thousands of people screaming ‘i love you synth!’ without a care in the world of what he did. Obviously everyone knows FFR is back which is why Tasselfoot would write this blog.

    I chuckle at the idea that you still check tasselfoot.com even after FFR has returned. You must be interested as we all are to find out what thirdstyle is.

  • Plan_B

    Um, you must not know what synth was going through. Yes him taken it down unknowingly was a screw up on his part, but he obviously knows that and is sorry for it. He has gone through a lot of crap that you prob would never be able to handle.

    P.S. Tass’s site isnt just for FFR shiz smart one.

  • AkaAnonymous (Formerly known as Linkisdoomed)

    Ugh… we’ve been over this a thousand times. Yes we don’t have any idea what the guys’ been through. Fact is, it’s up now. If you enjoy it, enjoy it while you can. As for me, I’ve been out of rhythm gaming for a long time. I check around to see how things are going on various projects. I think it’s safe to assume that FFR will never be what it once was.

  • danceguy

    Tass, are you communicating with Synth at all? I understand that I don’t fully know what went down or just how hard the hard feelings are, but I hope you guys are still willing to coexist and maybe even collaborate. I plan to support both sites; I hope others will as well.

  • anon

    Tass, if you, the developers of Thirdstyle, are trying so hard to set themselves apart from the FFR experience, then you all seriously need to find a new name. As long as you call yourself Thirdstyle, you ARE tied to FFR, because it is a name that makes sense only in FFR’s history, and you will therefore be compared to FFR forever, no matter how much you try to distance yourself from it.

    Let me put it this way: it doesn’t matter that Final Fantasy Tactics is an extremely different game than the other original Final Fantasy titles (in fact, it’s in a completely different subgenre); the fact that it bears the Final Fantasy name links it to the series and earns it comparisons to the other games, and rightly so. If Squaresoft had wanted that game to have nothing to do with Final Fantasy, they could have called it anything else, but they wanted Tactics to be part of Final Fantasy’s realm. Conversely, if you want to set yourself aside from FFR, you literally HAVE to change your name, or else you will be linked to it forever.

    Anyway, while I do wish you personally luck on your project, I have to say that I refuse to take part in it. With people like Maldon / Dawnerd / Troy / whatever you want to call that moron as part of its core and development, I think I’ll steer quite clear of it. I’d rather not be part of the idiocy that brought about many of the silly dates and comments that were said near the end of this fiasco, so he can take his site and shove it, and I’m sure he knows where he can do so.

  • FunSize

    You will never be able to separate yourself from any site that has similar games or ideas. Tasselfoot said that it will focus on a four-key rhythm game. Regardless of the name, it will always be compared to FFR, just as FFR was always compared to Stepmania. They cycle never ends and you should know that. If anything, I personally think the name is intriguing which will make me want to see what thirdstyle is all about.

  • Zageron

    Stop berating the Third Style team. Seriously…
    They will do what they will do, and solve their own problems. They do NOT need >>you<< to explain and/or define their problems for them as they are well aware of what may or may not be issues for the future of their project.

  • Plan_B

    FFR is a comparison to DDR. There is no way it cant be compared to SM since it is a whole different timing system and lacks so much stuff SM has. Thirdstyle is not frame based timing and I can assure has many features such as mods and all that which is what SM has. FFR=DDR copy Thirdstyle=SM copy.

  • sumzup


    I admit I have a personal interest in this because I suggested the name, but still! There’s no need to forcibly distance ThirdStyle from FFR just because some of you are uncomfortable with the idea of any sort of connection between the two.

    Can’t wait to see the real product in action, Tass. Nov. 1st can’t come soon enough.

  • Plan_B

    There is no connection between the two is the point which has been said by themselves. Thats where the name comes to make no sense now because if the site/game has nothing to do with FFR, why is it called Thirdstyle without even having two styles before it? Thirdstyle is supposed to be the step FFR never took, but now they decided to change that up and go with a whole new game that is not trying to be or in any relations with FFR therefor the name makes no sense anymore.

  • Zageron

    I believe it is a fair use of the name, judging by the fact that everyone on the Third Style team helped create and shape the original FFR website and game… (I mean Tass himself oversaw hundreds and hundreds of files being placed into the game.)

  • bart

    drugstore cowboy is a homo

  • Krunky

    Personally, I don’t see a problem with them using the name Thirdstyle. For one, no one knew that FFR was coming back in the first place. TS was a name that the Admins/Mods/Owner of FFR were taking to put up a stage 3 FFR engine. When FFR went down last December with no notification of anything, the name Thirdstyle became in use and available. The fact that Troy (dawnerd) took the name TS and put up a website for it is no problem. He was an original staff member of FFR and, imo, has the rights and privileges to the name, as well as Tass who was basically 2nd in command.

    To be honest, who cares if it’s being compared to FFR? What is the damn difference? From what I hear TS is gonna blow a lot of engines away with its graphics and timing and just all around look. SM has an amazing thing where you can download themes. Cool beans, mad props there. SM will most likely be known as the best looking engine out there to each his own. But, the stats pages, the forums, the people who have downed TS, which does include me a couple months ago, to everyone all we can do is wait and see. If Tass, Jasonkey, summerschool, troy, drugstore, etc. etc. are all putting this together then its going to be nothing short of amazing. You can count on that, in my opinion.

    So good luck Thirdstyle. Lets see something we haven’t seen in a while work out much better than others. +1

  • Plan_B

    ok, maybe typing it like this will get it through to your heads. THEY ARE NOT TRYING TO BE LIKE FFR OR BE ASSOCIATED WITH IT IN ANYWAY, SO WHY USE A NAME THAT IS RELATING TO FFR! They are on their own route therefor should come up with a new name. They didnt have two previous styles, so how do you just jump right to the third. Also, just because one worked for FFR gives them to use a name relating to it, that makes no damn sense. And no shiz that the engine will blow others away, people from FFR are creating it and are more advanced with coding skills and have previous knowledge and experience with FFR’s engine to build from. It would be a disgrace to come out with a worse engine. Better graphics isnt really hard to come by and better timing, oh boy, we get to see a timing like SM’s, that is so exciting and something that is different then all other 4 key rhythm games. I dunno, for some more serious players this isnt all super wtf exciting to them, you will just pull in new players or people who just dont care. Pretty sad when you were going to use a FFR link to gather your site’s traffic, pretty desperate right there using a site you no longer want to be associated with to bring in people. Gl, but honestly, this game isnt that big of a deal as it is being put out to be.

  • Tass

    When we all got together, we discussed name ideas. Jason and I were a bit hesitant about using TS because of the FFR connection, but we felt that it had a bit of a flair to it just as a general name. If you had no idea what TS was to FFR, but just saw the name itself and the associated game/site… what would you think? Also, there’s no trademark or copyright on the name, so it was available for us to use without any legal issues.

    Not sure what Plan’s comments towards “using an FFR link to gather traffic” is about. First I’m hearing of that.

    Instead of arguing with each other, why not just pose questions that might result in answers from people who are working on this? :)

  • Tass

    My personal favorite site name idea was fingerbang.com, but alas… is already taken by a porn site. I was the only person throwing other name ideas around… I came up with: poundthebeat, keyofwin, syncblast, megamash. We decided not to use any of these.

  • Zageron

    Staff: ASL

    How is the beta testing going? Positive, Negative?

  • Pikaboi

    *looks forward to this* :3

    I will has questions when it’s playable, meow.

  • Plan_B

    ok, there is nothing “bad” about the name, main point is it is not fitting. Ok TS was originally a project associated with FFR thats where the name generates from, but now that TS has nothing to do with FFR it doesnt quite seem right for a site to go by the name thridstyle when this site never had two steps before hand. Coming up with a name isnt easy, I can give you that because you dont want it to be corny, but you also dont want one like this. Maybe something like “Rhythm Rave” would be an idea for like a name, idk, but something catchy yet not corny. As for the use of that FFR link thing I was referring to was what LD said about how TS was planning to use his page that was hosting the FFR engine for people to play it while FFR was down in order to redirect people to TS when it went up. But I dont think TS expected FFR to return so the use of that page prob wouldnt do any good, but still the fact you were going to use a community or site you no longer wanted to be a part of for whatever reason to pull in traffic for your site is kinda low. idk, I have my reasons for not liking TS, not going to sit here and whine anymore and ruin it for people who are excited and cant wait for this project to release, so gl to you guys. I will still check it out when the site goes up but my interest in it is pretty low.

  • DrugstoreCowboy

    Want to thank you for the shoutout Bart!

    Just to clear something up with you Plan_B. Like you said, FFR was down and we were not expecting a return of it. I don’t think anyone was really. The use of LD’s link (if that was ever going to happen) would be to redirect people to something new that did keep stats/forums/profiles/whatever else. It has nothing to do with using something we didn’t want to be a part of because FFR was a big part of all of our lives. We wanted to create something new for all of you guys that were just waiting for something to happen.

    We are doing this for you.

  • bart

    eat my shorts drugstorecowboy you ruined ffr

  • DrugstoreCowboy

    Don’t have a cow, man!

    I did nothing but promote FFR for permissions. What synth decided to do on his FFRock/Widget Business Adventure was all on him. He already admitted he took it to another level and went crazy with it. I just have my contacts and got permissions.

    But thank you for the shoutout again, babe <3

  • Funiax

    Why not Rhythm Rage or
    Fingering Ultra-Cadence and Keybeats?

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