5min’s Got Problems, But eCPM Ain’t One

by Tass on Nov.24, 2010, under 5min, youtube

So I’ve addressed issues that I have with 5min… but let me affirm… the bottom line isn’t one of the problems I have. At a time when it’s taking roughly 2 weeks to get ads approved on my YouTube videos (current adless vids have over 150,000 views, just this time around)… it’s really nice to be getting this extra revenue from 5min.

The past few days have been better than normal, view-wise, thanks in part to Liquid Measure 2 bringing in a consistent 50k views/day. I’d say a typical day is 100-110k plays/day, but it’s been between 150-180k over the past 4-5 days. Not unheard of, but not the norm either. However, I had a record day, revenue wise, on Saturday because of the much higher eCPM from 5min. Saturday was about 260% of my typical day. And Sun, Mon, and Tues weren’t too shabby either. :)

Alas, this just makes me wish more sites would let me use 5min. Or that YouTube would stop their continued spiral into the abyss.

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