YouTube Views by Country and Continent – June 2011

by Tass on Jun.21, 2011, under Spil Games, Statistics, youtube

I last posted about this in December 2010. It’s now been 6 months, so I’ve decided to look at the numbers again (as the last update was covering the 6 months from June 2010 – December 2010). I find the results to be very fascinating:

1) I think the difference between “Total” and “Worldwide” is because of Turkey; from what I’ve noticed, Turkey is not counted in either Europe or Asia… and the views from Turkey line up fairly well with the difference between the 2 values.
2) Note the decrease in US views, with the Worldwide views remaining fairly constant. My theory on this is 2-fold; a) I’ve been doing less work for ArmorGames, Kongregate, Bubblebox, and Candystand recently… which likely have very high US traffic. And b) I’ve had a ton of work for Spil Games’ network over the same period, who heavily focus on non-US, non-English-Speaking traffic.
3) US, Can/Mex, Europe, and Aus/NZ have decreased from 84% to 78%. Majority is still US and Europe, although that percentage has decreased as well.

On the front of specific countries, the data is also quite interesting:

The chart is sorted by the current past 6 months, while still including the data from the past 6 months as well as the percentage change.
1) Turkey increased from just under 100k in the previous 6 months to over 400k in this period. If Spil has a Turkish portal, than that is likely the cause (not sure if they do or not); otherwise it’s from an increased presence of oyunlar1.com, the main portal for flash games in Turkey.
2) Overall English speaking traffic has decreased 30% or more, in the US, Canada, Australia, and NZ (which dropped off the list). Scandinavian traffic also has decreased 30-40%.
3) On the flip side, Polish and Russian traffic is up 100% (including Ukraine and Bulgaria). Spanish and French traffic is up roughly 30% as well (France, Span, Mexino, Argentine, Brazil, Columbia, Chile, etc). Also a nice 60% bump in Indian traffic, which I believe is from a Spil portal.

While it is a concern to see such drastic drops in English speaking traffic, I am happy to see such increases elsewhere in the world. Perhaps in the next 6 months I’ll see increases across the board. :)

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