by Tass on Jul.13, 2011, under 5min, Flash, Game, Statistics, Walkthrough, youtube

Yesterday I broke 100 million views all time, between both YouTube and 5min. Roughly 90.5 million on YT and 9.5 on 5min.

Thanks so much to all the gamers out there who have watched my vids, as well and the developers and sponsors of the thousands of amazing flash games I’ve played in the past 9 years.

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  • Mushyrulez

    Your only uploads are of flash games, right? Do you know what the stats for the most played one? You probably (well, maybe not) exceeded even that :o

  • Tass

    I know that FFR, which I worked on for many years, has over 500 million gameplays. I know that Bloons has over 1 billion gameplays (although it’s unclear whether that’s for the 20 or so Bloons titles as a franchise or just Bloons 1 with none of level packs).

    I know of a handful of other games that have done 100+ million gameplays by themselves from old Mochibot threads. Mostly very casual games released in 2003-2005 that spread wildly in a very uncompetitive market + were early entries onto Facebook via MindJolt.

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