Now An IGN Partner!

by Tass on Oct.24, 2011, under IGN, youtube

This happened almost 2 months ago, but I’ve held off on posting about it…

To explain: On YouTube, there are now many ways to get ads on your videos: individual video partnerships, account monetization partnerships, and full partnerships. Then, if you’re a full partner, you can apply to become a content management system partner (CMS), which allows you to bring other channels into your partnership. These are commonly referred to as “content networks”. Machinima’s is the largest… and I talked about them wanting me to join their network months ago. But TheGameStation, Yeousch, IGN, and others also have networks.

For many gaming channels, joining a content network is the only way to monetize your videos. This ranty video explains why. However, for me, as a full partner already… I could be choosy with joining a network. IGN contacted me in August, asking me to join. I was hesitant, but always open to listen. I liked their offer and terms, as they appeared to only provide value and have no potential downside. So I accepted.

I’ve seen my numbers for September, and so far things are as I expected: I’ve gone from ~10 subscribers a day to ~70 and my eCPM increased about 20%. Not too bad for having to change absolutely nothing about my operations. I can only hope that they continue along these lines, and that I don’t have another 5min situation (where things are good for 1-2 months and then start sucking).

I’ll keep you guys updated if anything fun happens through IGN. And I’ll have some stat updates soon as well.

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5 Comments for this entry

  • ross

    Hey, good to hear about your latest partnership with IGN!.

    I’ve a few questions. Is there a way to apply for a partnership with IGN? i can’t find much about them. Also, If you can check my channel above, would you say thats enough content/views/subs to even apply for a partnership?

    My channel is posted above if you want to check it out.

  • Tass

    Partners@IGN.com is the email address to apply. However, I’d say no; you don’t do enough views/month for them to be interested yet.

  • ross

    Ok thanks for the email, did you literally just link them your channel and how many subs/views per vid/total views you had ?

    when would you suggest i try and apply?

  • Lucas

    When you talked about Machinima you mentioned how much they were paying and other terms in the contract.
    Would you share how much money a partner would get by joining IGN?


  • Tass

    Hi Lucas,

    I could share Machinima’s data because I never signed a deal with them. With IGN, I can’t give any specifics… but their deal is percentage based as opposed to flat rate. They pass through 100% of revenue earned from YouTube’s sales teams and then take a chunk of the ads they sell themselves on IGN parter’s channels. So they’re only making money when they sell… vs Machinima potentially earning money off everything. Although IGN’s deal is risk-free… Machinima could lose money if they don’t sell enough or get good enough rates.

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