Most Prolific Gamer Ever?

by Tass on Jan.09, 2012, under Game, Personal, Random Stuff

I’ve been tossing an idea around in my head for a while… about time to put it into writing. The idea is that I’ve beaten more games than anyone else on the planet. I have no way of proving or disproving this statement, but it’s an interesting thing to think about. What is my reasoning behind such a statement?

Flash games are generally much shorter and easier than games you have to pay for. They are also free to play. And flash games are released far more frequently than non-flash games. I’d say a decent estimate would put the total number of flash games around 100,000; I have no idea how many games have been released in the past 40 or so years for all other medium combined, but it’s easily far less than 100,000.

I’ve beaten a LOT of flash games. No idea how many, but I have video recordings of about 500 of them. Plus Kong badges to support the completion of hundreds of others. I’ve been playing flash games since 2002. Let’s say, conservatively, that I’ve beaten 1 game every 2 days during that span of 9 years. 9 x 365 x 1/2 = roughly 1650. I’d say that number is low, and that the actual number is closer to 2500… but who really knows.

Then you have to figure out a) whether anyone has beaten more flash games than that. It’s certainly possible. But how would I know? You’d also have to consider b) it’s possible someone has played and beaten that many paid games (or combination of paid + flash), since video games have been around since the 70s and commonplace since the early 80s… and some people are OCD enough to track every single game they’ve played/beaten; but has anyone reached 1650, let alone 2500?

I have no idea if there is a website that assists in the tracking of games a user has beaten and/or displays a leaderboard of most games beaten. But it’d be cool to see. And even just that I’m able to legitimately think about this is pretty fascinating, given that there is at least some possibility that it’s true.

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9 Comments for this entry

  • Rachel

    Ha, I bet you are! Your calculations seem pretty sound. Have you ever seen that Rounds app on Facebook (http://apps.facebook.com/chatrounds/conv/?publisherid=elena&campaignid=BC&bannerid=0 )? It has a bunch of flash games and like, leaderboard stats I think…I wonder how you’d stack up.

  • Tass

    You can check out my scores and how I stack up on Kongregate.com; Tens of thousands of games, over 1000 achievements across hundreds of games, and I’ve got scores on many, many games. :)

  • Jack

    Hi Tass, I have a game for you that you wouldn’t be able to beat in a week. It’s called N-Game. Basically your a ninja and there are various objects trying to kill you such as rockets, gauss etc. You have a limited amount of time to get the key and open the door and go to it.

    My challenge is this. Complete it within 2 weeks without using any existing walkthroughs.


    Good luck, Most Prolific Gamer :D

  • Tass

    I’ve played N-Game before. And no, I didn’t beat it. Never said I was the BEST gamer… just prolific. :)

  • Jack

    I swear it’s impossible! I’ve managed to get to lvl 18(sub-lvl 3 of 4) out of 99 before I start to rage :P

  • Anne

    Hey Tass, This is the first comment I’ve ever posted on the internet! You may feel proud for inspiring it! I’ve had profound clinical depression for 7 months and barely leave the bed or my computer which is a lifeline to the outside world. For 2 months I’ve been playing virtually non-stop online flash games to survive (only total distraction from real life keeps suicidal and despairing thoughts at bay) – this after a lifetime of playing no computer games apart from MSN’s minesweeper flags! Your video walkthroughs have helped me cheat me through my frustration time and time and time again, and believe me, my capacity for frustration is teeny weeny. You have literally helped me to stay alive. There are only a very few types of game that I’m able to play (escape games and logical puzzles)and I’m genuinely frightened that I’m running out of the good ones – I need some advice and ideas – also I’ve had so many ideas about game design that I’d love to talk to real game developers. So this is me asking the world – who out there is willing to help me develop a list of the best games for depressives like me, who is willing to help me get some of my ideas heard … and Tass, will you get involved too, Games might not change the world entirely but changing one person’s life is a good start. Who’s up for it?

  • Tass

    Hi Anne. You can find a bunch of highly thought of games in genres you like through http://www.kongregate.com/puzzle-games or http://jayisgames.com/best-of/2011/puzzle/ or http://jayisgames.com/best-of/2011/point-and-click-puzzle/ or http://jayisgames.com/best-of/2011/puzzle-platform/ or http://jayisgames.com/best-of/2011/escape/. You can also go back to the 2010 Best Of or 2009 or 2008, etc… to find more highly thought of games. Best of luck to you and glad to have helped. :)

  • Pavlo

    Hi Tass! That’s interesting subject for me, since I keep track of all the games I’ve played in the last 6 years. I have a huge xls file and:
    940 flash games
    2800+ downloadable casual games
    400+ social network games
    80+ mobile games
    330+ adventure games (mainly from 80s,and 90s)
    500+ arcade/action game
    50+ rpg

    Of course, I haven’t completed all of them )
    The only reason I have time for this is that’s I also develop games (casual downloads). I also keep tracking of time spent for games.

    And regarding your calculations of all the games released:
    MobyGames has almost 60,000 games, so your estimate about 100,000 may be close. At the same time Konggregate has 50,000 flash games, and of that only 2800+ with 3,5+ rating. About 70-80% of flash games here are just trash made in a couple of days. So I doubt that there is 100,000 PLAYABLE flash games (since the entry level is low) – it may be about 10,000 – so far less then commercially released games with minimum level of quality.
    Greetings from Ukraine!

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