Bowling Update – Jan 2012

by Tass on Jan.15, 2012, under Bowling

I haven’t talked about bowling at all this season… not sure why that is. Possibly because I was struggling for the 1st half of the year. However, even with struggles, my team won the 1st half and is guaranteed a spot in the playoffs and that all important playoff $$$. I finished the 1st half of the season at a paltry 216.4, with only 5 250+ games and 14 sub 200 games… including 2 sub 160 (I had 0 sub 170 games all last season, across 200+ games). And if you throw out the final week of the 1st half, my ave was only 215.3.

For whatever reason, I appear to be a 2nd half bowler. Over the last 16 weeks of last season, I averaged 230.2. And I’m already on that path this season… in the past 9 games (since dropping to 215.3), I’m averaging 240.9; let’s hope that keeps up (4 250+ games, 0 sub 200).

I also just purchased 2 new balls, although haven’t thrown either yet. They’re going to be mostly for tournaments… 1 for extreme wet conditions and 1 for overly dry conditions. I’m looking forward to using them.

I’ve also been coaching bowling. I volunteered with my high school’s bowling team, since the coach doesn’t know anything about bowling. The season is half over and the boys are 5-23, girls are 13-15. The girls are doing amazingly well and 5 wins for the boys is more than I thought they’d get… so I’m happy all around. Plus, the kids are showing some improvement already.

Finally, here’s my scores so far for this season:

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