Hey Guys. I’m Tass. Here’s a bit about me…

Boring Personal Stuff

  • I’m 28.
  • I grew up outside of Philadelphia, PA.
  • I went to college in New York City, at New York University, and graduated with a degree in Finance.
  • In 2007 I moved out to Los Angeles. I lived there for 3 years.
  • I moved back to Philly in 2010.
  • I love to bowl and have 2 career 300s.
  • I’m also a die hard Philadelphia sports fan.

My Flash Game Street Cred

  • I started out playing flash games in 2002, my freshman year of college.
  • I absolutely destroyed people at Curveball, Helicopter, City Jumper, and Asshunter.
  • After finding out my girlfriend (at the time) liked DDR, I remembered this little site called Flash Flash Revolution, and started playing it in the summer of 2003.
  • I quickly grew addicted to FFR, and wanted to help the site grow. I was made a Moderator in 2004 and an Admin in 2006.
  • I ran the front end of FFR full time from Aug 2007 until Sept 2009.
  • Some time in 2005 and 2006, I helped run a flash game arcade site for FFR users, called ffrcade.com. The site died very shortly after I left.
  • I discovered Kongregate in late 2007, and quickly became addicted there too.
  • In 2008, Kongreguide was created, and I decided to start writing guides to help others with badges.
  • Since it’s obvious I don’t like writing with tons of detail, I started making videos to show people how to get badges, instead of using text.
  • Apparently people like my videos, because they’ve become pretty popular.
  • I became a partner on YouTube in late April 2009.
  • Armor Games, SPIL Games, Addicting Games, Candystand, Kongregate, BubbleBox, NotDoppler, FreeWorldGroup, Pencilkids, and many others all feature my videos inside of sponsored games on their sites.
  • And now I’ve created this little blog site, and you have taken all this time to learn about me. <3 <3 <3.

Milestones on YouTube

  • Reached 500,000 views on 1/16/09
  • Reached 1,000,000 views on 2/15/09
  • Reached 2,000,000 views on 3/30/09
  • Reached 5,000,000 views on 6/13/09
  • Reached 10,000,000 views on 8/8/09
  • Reached 25,000,000 views on 2/1/10
  • Reached 50,000,000 views on 8/28/10
  • Reached 100,000,000 views on 9/19/11
  • Plus 10+ million views on 5min.com since Nov 2010

So thank you guys so much for liking flash games so much and liking my videos. I wouldn’t have this site if it wasn’t for gamers like you.


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