An Open Challenge To MrRubix

by Tass on Jul.12, 2010, under Contest, mrrubix, Personal

MrRubix is a very good friend of mine. We chat almost daily. I’ve had the good fortune to meet up with him on multiple occasions. There is even a very long Tass Tips that features him. He is probably the single smartest individual that I know, and when motivated, the best gamer. When I am stuck walkthroughing a game, I turn to Rubix first.

Unfortunately, the Rubix of old has disappeared. He graduated college a little over a year ago, then spent about 6 months figuring out what he wanted to do with his life. Eventually, he settled on a high paying corporate gig in NYC that is worthy of his intelligence and schooling. Ever since starting this job, he has been rife with cbf (a fun little acronym that stands for “can’t be f*cked”).

The little psychology that I know leads me to believe he’s lost his drive to dominate in flash games because his time is limited. Why spend 6 hours on a game when he was just at work for 8+? Add to it a new girlfriend… and those of us in Impossible is Nothing have lost the Bix we’ve come to know and love.

So this is an open challenge to him. He started a thread on Kong a while back, and it has 20 incomplete challenges already. Here is the thread. Feel free to add HARD challenges to it for Rubix via the comments. Perhaps we can work together and get him out of cbf mode.

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Bottlecap Contest – Results!

by Tass on May.01, 2010, under Contest, Personal, Random Stuff

Here is the lovely photo showing all of the caps spread out on my floor.  All 90 of them:

And our winner… ¬†Kongregate user HuHeGa, who guessed 87!

A new bottle is already being filled, currently with 5 caps.

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Contest! – $10 Prize

by Tass on Apr.24, 2010, under Contest, Personal, Random Stuff, Site Stuff

So, I’m a dork… and as part of that, for some reason, I’ve been saving all of my water bottlecaps inside an empty bottle of Gatorade. It’s now been a few months, and the bottle is full. That can only mean 1 thing… CONTEST! Whoever comes closest to guessing how many bottlecaps are inside the bottle wins. I have no idea how many there are, but I’ll count them and post results in 1 week.

To enter, submit a guess (only 1 per person!) in the comments of this post. Please include your email address so that I can contact you if you win.

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