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Nov 1st – Take 3

by Tass on Oct.02, 2010, under Flash Flash Revolution, ThirdStyle

Post in the comments if you’d like a chance to be part of our upcoming Beta. Beta for what, you ask? Guess you’ll have to wait to find out…

edit: I should probably add… make sure to use a valid email address when posting a comment.

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Ditloid Up For Bid On FGL

by Tass on Jun.19, 2010, under Flash, Flash Flash Revolution, Game, Personal, Puzzle, Tasselfoot Studios, Upcoming Games, Walkthrough

My first game is up for bid on FlashGameLicense.com (FGL). Ditloid is a word-based logic puzzle game where you are given a number and the 1st letter of each of the words in the problem, then you have to deduce what the puzzle is. Such as 60 S in a M would be 60 seconds in a minute. The game features 100 levels spread across 3 difficulties. There are 2 forms of in-game hints, plus a walkthrough. All 100 levels are open from the start, and you can freely skip from 1 to the next. The game IS hard; it’s not something you’re going to complete in 1 sitting… it’s a game where you take a few puzzles with you, and maybe the answer to one of them pops into your head 3 hours later with a sense of “ooooh! nice.” and accomplishment.

Anyway, hopefully it sells for some good money. Krayz did a great job on the programming and dealing with my never-ending list of bugs and changes.

Since tons of people want to know about FFR… I got an email from Synth last night that he was indisposed and would hopefully have the site up by Monday. So we’ll see.

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A Hectic Morning

by Tass on Jun.01, 2010, under Flash, Flash Flash Revolution, Game, Personal, Random Stuff, Upcoming Games, Walkthrough

On Sunday, I woke up to a borked desktop. This sucked. I tried doing some basic troubleshooting, but it did not work… and because I’m terrible with hardware and my desktop is like my child… I didn’t want to mess with it too much. It’s under warranty, however the company is not open on Sundays (and was also closed for Memorial Day).

So I set my alarm for 8:30 this morning, so that I could call them nice and early and get my comp down to them ASAP. I called them and explained the situation. They said I could bring it in and they’d fix it. The place is in Pasadena, which is 44 miles away as per Google. It took 80 minutes, leaving at 9:15am… gotta love LA traffic. By 10:55, they diagnosed it as motherboard failure and they did not have a replacement in stock, but that new ones were already on order. So I said ok, and now have to sit and wait until they call me to say the mobos are in and that my sexiness is fixed.

I also had a lunch meeting with Troy/Maldon/Dawnerd scheduled for 12:30 in Santa Monica, which I wasn’t sure whether I’d make because of the computer. Since I was done in Pasadena by 11, I headed off to Santa Monica, which is 35 miles from Pasadena, as per Google. That took about 50 minutes; got in right around noon. My bowels were troubling me greatly, so I used the time to find a public bathroom… which is much harder to do than one would expect, as Santa Monica has tons and tons of foot traffic. I wound up meeting up with Troy at 12:40 and we grabbed Subway and chatted for about 45 minutes on the future of FFR and life in general. We’re both on the same page, and I think we have the basics of a deal worked out. This is good. :)

Then I needed to get back from Santa Monica to the Valley (San Fernando). Google was telling me to take the 405, which was displaying RED for traffic most of the way. I decided to take the PCH and Topanga Canyon instead, which probably took the same amount of time (40 minutes), but is peaceful, scenic, and fun to drive.

And now I am home, on Whorli’s laptop, trying to quickly download my video recording/editing software so that I can re-make a walkthrough that is stuck on my desktop and needs to be ready for a game’s release tomorrow. *sigh*.

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FFR Coming Back?

by Tass on May.19, 2010, under Flash Flash Revolution, Personal

So, I’ve had a bit of a back and forth with Synth over the past few days, and have some news in regards to the future of FFR.  Here is Synth’s explanation of what happened, word for word:

“I had two disasters happen at once. The first was our mysql server literally had a fire start up in the power supply which destroyed the drives and caused  one of the quad core harpertowns to overheat and break. The other processor and ram is ok. I had to pull the machine out of the data center and literally spent 2 months in non-work time trying to pull data from a backup on 1 Linux lvm volume and mix it with the files that were recovered with low level tools. I think I have about 90%+ of the DB recovered at this point. Of course I still have 3 server leases I have to pay for each month which is putting a huge strain on things.  The other issue was that at around the same time, I received an email from the place we were hosting that demanded we either provide legal proof that we could distribute all the songs in the game and for download or  that we would need to remove the servers. You can imagine how that went.  I am about a week out from having a functional FFR with the old records and data inside a virtual environment on a single sever.”

Beyond this, I think he and I have come to an agreement where I’ll be coming back to the site. It won’t be my full-time job; FFR will go back to where it was in 2005-ish… a hobby for the owners. Synth will keep doing the day job he’s done for 2 years or so and I’ll keep doing all my other flash game stuff.

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Now With Forum Power!

by Tass on Feb.10, 2010, under Flash Flash Revolution, Site Stuff

I know I said I wouldn’t talk about FFR anymore… but the fact that I’m still getting about 5 comments a day on my FFR Lo-Down post, I felt I needed to do something for those fans aching for a place to call home. So I decided to purchase a vBulletin license and set up a forum.

To start, I have 2 forums… General and FFR People. General will be for anything… suggestions, feedback, bugs, what you had for breakfast… whatever. If I see certain things are requested (such as a Walkthroughs or Flash Game forum), I’ll add them. The FFR People forum will be for those former FFR users to congregate, meet up, talk about the good old days, that sort of thing.

Hopefully this will be beneficial to some folk. Take a look and register.

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One Final Post on FFR

by Tass on Jan.18, 2010, under Flash, Flash Flash Revolution, Personal, Random Stuff

EDIT: There is now an FFR-specific forum located here.

I really appreciate all the support and dedication I’ve seen via the comments on my original FFR blog post. I want to respond, in general, to a few of them:

First, I still have no idea what is going on with the site or if it’ll ever be back. I talked to Synth about 5 weeks ago when he reached out to me in regards to a last ditch effort to sell the site. I did some initial inquiries to some old and new contacts, but after 2 days Synth stopped responding to me, so I stopped pursuing it. It was about 10 days after that that the site went down and has been down ever since. I haven’t talked to him since, nor do I really care anymore whether or not the site comes back.

To those with an offline engine torrenting it… I think that is what Synth would want, assuming the site stays offline. I recall him posting something on FFR a few months back saying that if he ever pulled the site, he’d want the engine released publicly so that people could still enjoy it. So best of luck with that endeavor; hope you keep it seeded.

And finally, to the business offers out there… if you’re really serious, send me an email with an actual business proposal. No offense, but I can’t take someone seriously when their offer is coming in the form of a comment on a blog post. My email is public enough to the point where if you can’t find it, you shouldn’t be contacting me about this in the first place. :)

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Stop Messaging Me About FFR

by Tass on Jan.04, 2010, under Flash, Flash Flash Revolution, Game, Personal, Random Stuff

EDIT: There is now an FFR-specific forum located here.

Seriously. Please stop IMing me, whispering me on Kong, posting comments on my YT channel, or emailing me about FFR being down. I understand it’s been down for over 2 weeks now. I have NOTHING to do with it. I haven’t worked for FFR in months. If you weren’t aware of that, read this earlier blog post.

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The FFR Lo-Down

by Tass on Nov.13, 2009, under Flash, Flash Flash Revolution, Game

EDIT: There is now an FFR-specific forum located here.

This is an overview of what went down in the secret world of FFR over the past 2 years. Not going to go into all of the specifics, but hopefully it will make people understand what happened and why the site is the way it is now. This is all from my perspective, and may not be 100% accurate… so if Synth or Jason want to let me know of something wrong in what I’m saying, please do.

FFR started to come into its own in the middle of 2006, with a few things all happening: Jason came on board and I graduated college. Jason started to improve the chats and create the profile system, which jumped our Alexa ranking from all the added pageviews. I was spending even more time on the site and took over management of the game/community. Things were good through the end of 2006 and into 2007; tons of new songs, a new crowd was coming to the site for the social networking, and we were starting to get noticed for potential business deals. In May 2007, I moved to LA and put Synth to an ultimatum… start paying me, since I’m already working on the site full-time or I’m going to have to find a real job, leaving little time for the site. He agreed to put me on salary starting in August 2007. It was also right around this time that the widgets were created, a suggestion from one of those potential business deal people. And for about 8 months, widgets were making us rock stars.
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