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Direction of the site/blog

by Tass on Oct.29, 2009, under Personal, Site Stuff

So, I haven’t really decided what I want out of this site. Is it a depository for my walkthroughs? Is it a place for me to talk about recently released or upcoming games? Do you care about what I do in my personal life? Beyond that, I only just started to advertise this site at all, via annotations in my Bloons Tower Defense 4 vids. I’ll continue to do this, hopefully starting to drive some traffic to the site.

Basically, for the 30-40 people that actually check this… what do you want out of this site? Please post comments as to what you want me to post about and what you don’t want me to post about. I’m thinking about putting up more random content, about stuff I do and about upcoming games (with developer/sponsor permission, of course).

On that front, I’ve spent most of the past 6 weeks playing Sacred Seasons, a flash-based MMO that is free to play. I’ve quickly risen to one of the highest levels in the game (probably top20), became a moderator, and am working to assist on balance/gameplay. I find it amazing how all of my addictions turn into jobs… shocking, awesome, and amazing.


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