Tass Plays – A Flash Game LP Series COMING SOON!

by Tass on Aug.14, 2011, under Flash, Game, Tass Plays, Trailer, Upcoming Games

I’m starting up a flash game LP series. Here is the teaser video that gives the basic info:

Please give me your game suggestions via comments on YouTube!

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Game Trailers For Armor

by Tass on Jan.24, 2010, under armor games, Game, Trailer, youtube

On Friday, Dan asked me to whip up some trailers for Armor’s 4 iPhone games.  I agreed, but always with that small pit in the back of my stomach that I get when I’m making trailers.  Before this weekend, I’d only produced 2 trailers…  1 for Gemcraft Ch0 and 1 for a not-very-popular Rudy Sudarto game.  When it comes to walkthroughs, I’m completely comfortable… the editing for them is straightforward, and no creativity is needed.  For trailers, however, it helps to have solid editing skills and creativity is definitely needed.

So Dan wanted me to make the trailers from actual iPhone footage, as opposed to screen-recorded play of iPhone versions of the games.  This created another issue, as I don’t have any sort of set-up for easily doing that.  Using some thin books and a pair of steady hands, I did my best to record a bunch of gameplay footage.  Then it was off to the editing room!  I went with a simple premise for each of the vids…  Intro, 4-5 screens of text followed by appropriate gameplay to match, End screen.  I tried to make them all funny, yet keep in line with the game itself.

Please watch them and give me feedback.  It will be most appreciated.  Especially if you tell me they don’t suck.  Click the “more” link directly below to get to the playlist embed (it has all 4 trailers in 1 embed):

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