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Initial Thoughts about 5min

by Tass on Nov.16, 2010, under 5min, armor games, youtube

So I’ve been starting to switch some of my embeds from YouTube to 5min. And I have mixed feelings.

-Higher eCPM (60-100% higher, roughly)
-Fast approval time (not instantly… but if I ask, it gets moved up in the queue and approved within an hour; no idea how long the non-move-up takes)
-Great customer support (I get emails back quickly, answer my silly questions, etc etc)

-Ads only monetized in the US (roughly 1/3 of my views) [this 1/3 is still earning me 60-100% more than YT though]
-Lot of sites I work with don’t like the pre-roll and won’t let me switch, and there’s no way to just display overlay ads.
-The entire 5min back-end is pretty crappy
—The uploader is a 1-at-a-time thing, that auto-fills part of the title and description (have to delete it each time), and has restrictions on # of tags and length of title.
—The analytics are basically non-existant
—The revenue reports are broken down into 2 different sections and they both keep defaulting to dates in October.
—No easy way (that I know of) to search through uploaded content… videos are just plopped all on 1 page (500+ of them)

Overall though, the money is enough to overlook the other stuff… if sponsors would allow me to switch the embeds. Which they aren’t doing. So far, only Armor has let me… the other large sponsors I work with all have said no. Which means about 35-50% of my views will start coming from 5min and the rest still on YT; I’ve done roughly 400,000 views on 5min since the start of the month vs 1.5 million on YT. However, I only have about 15 videos (covering about 8 or 9 games) switched to 5min.

It also seems that PlayedOnline is building a new section on their site specifically for my 5min vids (they’re the ones that asked 5min to reach out to me in the first place). So that’s pretty cool too. Will definitely have a post about it when it’s live.

What do you guys think about my 5min embeds? Compare Fragger on Armor vs Fragger on YouTube (both should have pre-roll).

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Pre-Roll Video Ads

by Tass on Sep.03, 2010, under youtube

Last week, YouTube opened up their video ad program to all partners. I’ve been waiting for this for over a year now, and have implemented video ads into about 100 of my videos. Unfortunately, video ads seem to be for on-YouTube views only… which means the 70% of my views that take place off-YouTube won’t have them.

If any of you have seen some of these ads appear since yesterday… what are your thoughts on them? Are they too intrusive? Will you still watch videos despite having to wait 15 seconds for them to load?

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Why Do Developers Publish Bad Games?

by Tass on Jan.25, 2010, under Flash, Game, Random Stuff

There are many categories of games. There are the obviously good games: creative idea, good graphics, solid content, well polished. There good games that aren’t well received. There are mediocre games that become popular anyway. There are games that are flat out awful… often 13 year olds first touching Flash and following some tutorial. But what I want to know is why developers decide to go ahead and release games that they know aren’t very good (for whatever reason), won’t do well, and likely will do nothing more than put a stain on their name.

Money is clearly not a reason, as games like this either won’t be sponsored or will be sponsored for very, very little and they’ll never get a payout on the in-game ads (ad companies have a minimum amount before they’ll cut you a check). Neither is notoriety or e-fame. I know that if I created something that I knew wasn’t very good, I’d keep it to myself… why do you think I haven’t posted my stick figure drawings or macaroni dioramas?

There are really only a few reasons I can think of to release a bad game (as opposed to keeping it all to yourself, tucked deep in the recesses of your hard drive). The most logical is feedback. A bad game is often the result of an unskilled developer… feedback is a great way to get unbiased information about your game and you as a developer that can help improvement moving forward. Another is the “why the hell not?” mentality. I’m sure some people feel that just because they made it, and there are sites where they can publish it, we all want to experience it… let me assure everyone that this is not the case. Just because I’ve had ants crawling all over my house doesn’t mean I want to eat them. Finally are those few jaded or naive people who actually think their content is good and just don’t understand why nobody else agrees… and we need to take away these people’s computers.

To give you an idea… there are almost 24,000 games on Kongregate. Around 210 of them (less than 1%) have a 4.00 or higher rating. Roughly 1100 are 3.50 or higher. Only 3500 games are even 3.00 or higher. And on the other spectrum, there are over 300 games at 1.75 or lower and about 3500 of the 2.00 or lower variety. Almost 14,000 are 2.50 or lower. So over 20,000 games were released that weren’t even rated as “average” by the masses (we’ll debate whether the Kong userbase is an accurate representation of the masses another time). Why? Why did these thousands of developers feel the need to upload their game in the first place, when they KNEW (or damn well should have) it wouldn’t be good. I wish I knew, because it really doesn’t make sense to me at all.

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