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Upcoming Game – Nudge! On Candystand.com!

by Tass on Jul.24, 2009, under Candystand, Upcoming Games

Nudge-MainMenuComing soon to a Candystand near you is Nudge, a tasty morsel of Atomic Cicada puzzley goodness. It starts off as your standard “push” puzzler… move the object through the obstacles and to the exit. Sometimes baddies will try to stop you. But then it throws some new stuff at you. Purple and Green blocks that mirror your horizontal or vertical movements? That’s been done once or twice before, but is still fresh. But you may be asking yourself, “Self, why is this game called Nudge?” And that is what sets Nudge apart from other similar games. If you are 1 block away from a purple or green block, and you move towards it, it will Nudge you back a space. So you wind up not moving, but the blocks move a whole row. This creates a whole new world of possibilities for level creation.

Atomic Cicada is known for hard puzzle games, such as Minim or Grid. Nudge fits the bill. As I told Candystand’s Head of Game Development, Dave, “Nudge is hard. Really hard. Kick your grandma in the kidneys hard. But it’s still fun. As if grandma were a cartoon of herself.” You’ll be pulling your hair out, but you can’t stop playing because of the cute little creature you control and the catchy background music and sound effects.

Lastly, because I know you’ll want to explore the Nudge world a bit more, and create devilish puzzles yourself… Nudge comes complete with a level editor.

Look for Nudge soon of Candystand.com, and for my walkthrough of it at the same time! Here are a few more teaser screenshots of the game to whet your appetite:


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