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More On Long-Tail

by Tass on Sep.01, 2010, under Personal, Statistics

Ben Lowry is a friend of mine… he made Great Game 1/5 with me. He is also a giant ass who loves to be argumentative. He saw my long tail post as another opportunity to pounce, but of course I rebutted all of his attacks. He claimed that my long tail was a myth and that it really is the newly released content that is pushing my views.

My proof to the contrary:
-The 34% of total views from top 2% of videos vs the MUCH higher percent of other content providers.
-My top100 videos (19%) resulted in 105,000 views (80.7%).
-Of my top100 videos, 57 were 6+ months old.
-Those 57 videos totaled over 44,000 views.

As I did say in my previous post, releasing new content IS important. But the foundation of long-term success and growth is 100% about the long-tail.

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Great Game! 1/5

by Tass on May.12, 2010, under Flash, Game, game design, Tasselfoot Studios, Walkthrough

Last Friday in the FGL (Flash Game License) chat, a few of us were talking about random game ideas, and the chat clown Benologist (Ben Lowry) gave one idea that I thought we could make into a game.  3 days late, we have a finished game…  he did the programming and art, I did the design and QA.  It’s a metagame about game commenters.  We think it’s pretty funny.

Play Great Game! 1/5 on Kongregate and rate it 5/5 you like it.  <3

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