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Comment Of The Day: 2010azam

by Tass on Jan.29, 2010, under Comments, Random Stuff, youtube

Posted to my Sacred Seasons UWA speedrun vid (which is now sorely out of date, given the levels some people are… but even with that same group of 5 we were doing 1 minute faster, anyway):

2010azam writes:
“may i have the account please ? ^.^ i’d appreciate it very much . main:Savage level 138 alt:Desert Bandit level 16 lol :P

Let’s disect:
-My SS account is linked to my Kongregate account. It can only be played via Kongregate. To get access to my SS account, you’d have to have access to my Kong account. So, uh… strike 1.
-I’m a moderator on SS, assuming they haven’t de-modded me for inactivity. Kinda would be a slightly abuse of trust to give away my account when it has the ability to kick/ban people. Strike 2.
-While it’s no longer one of the highest leveled accounts in the game (I was #1 at one point, now #24), it’s still got to have some worth to it… level 560+, great class, name recognition, sacred sword + over 40,000 gold. To just give it away would be silly. Strike 3.
-And just to rub it in a wee bit more, I have no idea who this dude is. If I was, for some crazy reason, going to give my account away… I’d give it to someone I know, like, and trust.
-Oh yeah… that weird chibi emoti-face thing. WTF is that. And lack of any sort of spacing/capitalization formatting.
-6th and final reason: Tasselfoot Theory of Usernames strikes again.

So congrats 2010azam, I haven’t seen a comment that retarded on one of my vids in a long time.

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Quasi-Pet Peeves In YT Comments

by Tass on Dec.21, 2009, under Random Stuff, Walkthrough, youtube

I saw quasi, because I really don’t mind… it’s just silly that people lack the common sense to figure this stuff out themselves, then they go and post about it. Makes me do a *facepalm* most of the time.

1. “What music is this?” – For the past 6+ months, 95% of the music in my vids has been in-game music, which I have 0 control over and almost never know what it is. If you want to know what it is, check the game credits or ask the developer. For anything before ~March 09 (or the other 5% since then) where I added music myself, it’s ALWAYS listed in the video descrpition what the music is… unless I’ve been forced to audio-swap it do to it being copyrighted music (only on pre-March stuff), in which case it’ll be listed under “Statistics and Data” as to what the song is.

2. “This is complete hax0rz” – C’mon man… none of my vids include hacking (except 1 Sonny vid, which is clearly stated that I messed with the sol for the sole purpose of recording the ending battle within minutes of the game’s release). Accusing me of hacking in one of my vids is just plain silly. You can clearly see what I’m doing; whether you can duplicate it or not is not my fault or problem. User error ftw.

3. “My level 19 is different than your level 19!” – Not my fault :( ((. I try to record walkthroughs ASAP after a game is released, and sometimes developers decide to change things after that (or because of something in my vids). If something changes, sorry. But I’m not going to re-record 1 or 2 levels because the developer can’t properly beta test their game.

4. “OMG yer vid sux! I ken get to level 800024!” – In most cases, I’m either a) not trying to get an insanely high score, b) not claiming to have such an amazing score, c) doing it really quickly so I don’t have the benefit of days/weeks of strategy discussions, or d) I have a specific purpose that I’m trying to show in the vid…  If I achieve it, that’s all I care; it doesn’t always work out to be 100% optimal, but it still works.

5. “It’s too fast.  I can’t follow it.” – If I speed any of my vids up, its listed in the description, but I sometimes get this even on vids that are 1x speed.  Most people don’t want to watch 40 minutes of video (or even 10 minutes)…  speeding it up is needed to make the vids short enough to keep people’s attention span.  My advice if it’s too fast: Watch 1 level (or a few moves), pause the video, duplicate it in the game, watch a few more moves, pause the video, duplicate it in game, repeat, etc.

6. “How do I do such-and-such” – 9 times out of 10, the question that is being asked has already been answered…  either by myself or someone else in a previous comment, by me in the video description, or most likely…  by me in an annotation.  There is NO reason not to have annotations turned on when watching my vids…  I very regularly have annotations in my vids to explain certain things that I’m doing that might not be obvious or to explain how to get achievements (like in Epic War 2).

I’m probably missing a bunch of other random things, but these are the ones that I get consistently, every single day.  And occasionally some of them are worthwhile, but most of the time…  they’re questions that have already been answered or I don’t have the answer to.

edit: This is like 2 and 4 combined…  “I beat the game blah blah” but you know it’s impossible to do – Basically, the person is posting a comment that is meant as a brag, but it’s 100% obvious they cheated to do it.  That is super lame and you fail for bragging on my videos when cheating.  You cant beat Learn To Fly in 6 days.  You can’t beat Escape: The Bathroom in 12 seconds.  You can’t beat Clickplay in 47 clicks.  Etc.  So just stop trying to think you’re super cool; you aren’t.

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