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A Tale Of Two Baskets

by Tass on Dec.12, 2009, under armor games, jmtb02, Joey Betz, Personal, Whorli

I know I say how awesome the guys at Armor are… but it’s hard to stop when they keep doing awesome things for me. About 5 months ago, I wanted to say thanks for everything they’ve done to help me in this industry… so I sent them a candy gift basket. It was extremely well received… but if you ever run into Joey and see his eye patch… it was a candy basket related incident; so my bad on that.

A few days ago, Dan asked me for my address. I was quite curious to know what I was being sent; W-2 came to mind, or a t-shirt. The address that I use is actually Whorli’s parent’s house (which is 3 houses down from where I actually live). This morning, Whorli’s dad came by to drop off 3 packages that had arrived… a hanukkah gift from my mother, some weeaboo stuff from a Japanese girl for Whorli, and a giant f-ing box from one Daniel McNeely. This is what he sent me:

Giant F-ing Gift Basket

I had a feeling that I would eventually get a gift basket from Dan & Crew… they’re the type of guys that will not forget a present, and will want to return in kind. But I’m blown away by the quality of this basket. I already put down the jerky, which was honestly dried and salted heaven in a pouch. I will be nursing one of the brews later tonight while eating some of the pepperoni and crackers. Some of the items don’t agree with my Brown Diet pallet… but they’ll find a nice home with Whorli’s family.

So once again… I give my sincere and public thanks to Dan, John, Joey, Larry, and everyone else. I owe hugs for this one, which will be given out at FGS (if I don’t see you guys before then).

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Armor Games Rocks!

by Tass on Jul.31, 2009, under armor games, Flash, Game, jmtb02, Joey Betz

I really don’t think I can say it enough times… the guys at Armor are amazing. Not only were they the first guys to work with me on walkthroughs, but they continue to help me out and hook me up. I was just trying to assist John and Joey, giving some feedback and advice on their upcoming games… and Dan sends me a nice chunk of cash. Completely out of the blue. I’ve tried to do what I can to return the favors… running Poker Night in San Fran, sending a Candy Basket… gotta figure something else out now. Maybe they want bowling lessons?

So, yeah. Make sure to play all your games on Armor, because they’re the coolest guys I know (note: nothing against all the other really cool guys I know and work with). And check out Joey’s game that I helped out on, The Competitor.


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