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Tass Plays – A Flash Game LP Series COMING SOON!

by Tass on Aug.14, 2011, under Flash, Game, Tass Plays, Trailer, Upcoming Games

I’m starting up a flash game LP series. Here is the teaser video that gives the basic info:

Please give me your game suggestions via comments on YouTube!

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I’m Still A Fan Boy

by Tass on Apr.14, 2010, under Flash, Game, Personal, Random Stuff

I’ve met my fair share of sponsors and developers. I have talked to many others. I get access to games early. This is my job. Yet there are still a handful of developers that when I even think about their upcoming games, I get all giggly inside and think how cool it is that I get access early. I won’t give you any names of who these developers are (I don’t think it would be appropriate), but their games are just so cool that I lose some of my professionalism and feel like a little kid. Those are the games that feel like the farthest thing from work.

Now, why do I bring any of this up? I do have a practical reason. There is 1 developer in particular who I was thinking about earlier today… because I’ve done some work on his games and done a walkthrough or two, yet never charged him for it. I just WANT to help him… no return needed. Plus, I still generate some revenue from the vids, so it’s not like it’s completely free. But I was analyzing the difference of how I feel about the games of this guy compared to my normal situation where I’m being compensated for my time and feedback. I was thinking about whether it’s right for me to not charge one person and charge others, purely because I like his stuff more. And I’m ok with it. The rationalization that makes the most sense to me is because I’m a fanboy. I have my share of my own between FFR, Kong, and YouTube, so I understand how they think and act… and my behavior is quite in line with that.

So I am still a fanboy of certain developers. And I like that I am.

PS – To any developer reading this… don’t get any ideas. :-D .

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