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The FFR Lo-Down

by Tass on Nov.13, 2009, under Flash, Flash Flash Revolution, Game

EDIT: There is now an FFR-specific forum located here.

This is an overview of what went down in the secret world of FFR over the past 2 years. Not going to go into all of the specifics, but hopefully it will make people understand what happened and why the site is the way it is now. This is all from my perspective, and may not be 100% accurate… so if Synth or Jason want to let me know of something wrong in what I’m saying, please do.

FFR started to come into its own in the middle of 2006, with a few things all happening: Jason came on board and I graduated college. Jason started to improve the chats and create the profile system, which jumped our Alexa ranking from all the added pageviews. I was spending even more time on the site and took over management of the game/community. Things were good through the end of 2006 and into 2007; tons of new songs, a new crowd was coming to the site for the social networking, and we were starting to get noticed for potential business deals. In May 2007, I moved to LA and put Synth to an ultimatum… start paying me, since I’m already working on the site full-time or I’m going to have to find a real job, leaving little time for the site. He agreed to put me on salary starting in August 2007. It was also right around this time that the widgets were created, a suggestion from one of those potential business deal people. And for about 8 months, widgets were making us rock stars.
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