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50 Millions!

by Tass on Aug.28, 2010, under armor games, jmtb02, Joey Betz, Personal, Statistics, Walkthrough

So today I have hit 50 million total video views. :) This is as per tubemogel.com, not what it says on YouTube, as YT’s view stats are lagged by 3-4 days. This is very cool stuff, especially given the time it took to go from 10 to 25 mil vs 25 to 50 mil (178 vs 209 days OR 11.86 vs 8.36 days/mil). This is almost a 42% increase in views/day, with an average of almost 120,000 per day over the past 209 days.

More stat milestones… This is the only level too broke 2 million, just edging Use Boxmen as my 2nd game to 2 mil; this also makes the 2 TITOL games #1 and #2 on my most viewed list all time. But to keep John’s ego in check, he still has less total views than his AG co-worker Joey (5.36 mil vs 5.39 mil)… barely.

Random other stuff: going to try and start posting daily again, if I can. This means not everything will be work related. Not sure if this is a good or bad thing.

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2 Milestones For The Price Of 1

by Tass on Feb.01, 2010, under Personal, Statistics, youtube

So today (Monday), I woke up to This Is The Only Level having 2 million views. And just now, 45 minutes before midnight, my total viewcount hit 25 million.

I reached 10 million views on 8/8, which means I did 15 million views in a week under 6 months. Which is a bit over 2.5 million views/month for that stretch. A bit worse than my 5-10 mil stretch (7 weeks), but that was also only a 5 million gap instead of a 15 million one. Harder to sustain the views. Either way, I’m quite happy. Ideally, I’d love to average 100k/day, but I’ll take ~83k/hr for that long of a timeframe.

Interesting note: TITOL vid was released 8/7, 1 day before I hit 10 mil views. Which means, basically, 2 of those 15 million views came from 1 video. Oddly, Insight has TITOL at 12.9% of my views for the past 6 months, when I’d think it would be 13.3%… although as I said, the time frame is 1 week under 6 months, so that is the likely cause of the discrepancy.

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