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Flash Game Friday #3 – Tass Plays Bullet Maze

by Tass on Dec.02, 2011, under Flash Game Friday, newgrounds, Tass Plays

I decided to try out a game I thought would be hard and see how it went. Take a look. :)


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Top 100 Vids – Top Sponsors/Devs List Updated – July 2010

by Tass on Jul.08, 2010, under ArcadeTown, armor games, BubbleBox, Candystand, jmtb02, Joey Betz, kongregate, newgrounds, NinjaKiwi, NotDoppler, Statistics, Walkthrough, youtube

The original list is from February. A lot has changed since then. There are 17 new videos in the Top 100. The 100th video viewcount increased from 58k to 93k. Total views from the Top 100 has increased from 22 mil to 33 mil. But other things remain the same… Armor is well in first, with BubbleBox still solidly second. Joey Betz is still my top dev, but John Cooney and Eugene Karataev are gaining. And the % of views from the Top 100 has decreased from 81% to 76%.

Here is the data from Feb, side by side with the data from now:

Views are viewcount in thousands, Count is number of videos in the Top 100.

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Top Portals / Developers Based On Video Views

by Tass on Feb.19, 2010, under ArcadeTown, armor games, BubbleBox, Candystand, Flash, Game, jmtb02, Joey Betz, kongregate, newgrounds, NinjaKiwi, NotDoppler, Pastel Games, Statistics, youtube, Zeebarf

I spent some time on 2/17/10 compiling a spreadsheet of my top 100 videos, their aprox viewcount (rounded down to closest 1000), sponsor, developer, and whether the video was featured in-game or not. From there, I tabulated the top sponsors and the top developers (only calculated devs with 3+ videos in top 100, unless they have 800k+ views).

I have 450+ total videos, so this is less than 25% of my total videos… but these 100 account for over 22 million of my 27+ million views, so they are a fairly accurate representation of the whole. Obviously, the farther down the list you look, the less accurate it is (like LegitGames having 1 video on there, but they have 2 others that just missed the cut).

Any questions or additional data you guys would like to see? I did not include the raw list of top 100, nor did I do any analysis of in-game vs not in-game. And TITOL2 is not counted in this list for Armor or jmtb.

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Saunavihta Yetis Walkthrough

by Tass on Sep.01, 2009, under Flash, Game, Walkthrough, YoArcade.net

Sequel to Saunavihta, same concept, few new cool stuff added… and harder. Now you get Yeti’s that throw you and helium balloons that will raise platforms!

Game: http://yoarcade.net/ability/saunavihtayetis.html

Levels 1-13:

Levels 14-25:


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E-Motion Walkthrough

by Tass on Aug.27, 2009, under Flash, Game, NotDoppler, Physics, Puzzle, Walkthrough

New physics puzzler, stacking game… ala Totem Destroyer or Redstar Fall. E-Motion! Has some cool new features, like changing gravity, spinning wheels on ropes, anti-gravity, bounce, and more!

Game: http://notdoppler.com/e-motion.php

Pack 1, Levels 1-20:

Pack 2, levels 1-20:


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Another Small Favor Walkthrough

by Tass on Aug.26, 2009, under Flash, Game, newgrounds, Walkthrough, Zeebarf

New Zeebarf point and click adventure, the 2nd adventure in the Favor world.

If you need any help:

Game: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/509443


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Max Damage Walkthrough

by Tass on Aug.16, 2009, under Flash, Game, Physics

New shooting game, with a twist. Instead of throwing grenades and killing bad guys ala Fragger, you’re shooting balls out of a cannon and destroying boxes, TVs, microwaves, and works of art. Only a few challenging levels, imo, but here’s the walkthrough if you need help:

Levels 1-28:

Levels 29-49:


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SaunaVihta Walkthrough

by Tass on Jul.30, 2009, under Flash, Game, Physics, Puzzle, Walkthrough, YoArcade.net

So SaunaVihta is a great little physics puzzle game by Spelgrim. It takes the “click and remove blocks” concept in a bit of a different direction, where you now have to get a cold protagonist to the hot vapors of a sauna somewhere in the level. Snowmen and snowplows will try to stop you. Play it on YoArcade.net.

If you need help, I am of course here to assist:

Levels 1-13:

Levels 14-25:


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Warp Shot Walkthrough

by Tass on Jul.25, 2009, under armor games, Flash, Game, jmtb02, Walkthrough

Another week, another jmtb02 game. John Cooney and Joey Betz sure are busting them out quick! Another short but effective game, Warp Shot has you shooting balls through portals and collecting orbs before reaching your goal. All while recording how many shots it takes you. Each level has a par score, and if you need help reaching it (or less!), check out my videos:

Levels 1-15:

Levels 16-30:

I finished with 69 shots, or 9 under par. Oh yeah… I helped come up with the par scores for each level. I also named the game. :)


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Space Oddity (Part 1) Walkthrough

by Tass on Jul.22, 2009, under BubbleBox, Flash, Game, Pastel Games, Point & Click Adventure, Walkthrough

Pastel Games has been releasing a ton of new games recently… Covert Front 3, now a new series Space Oddity, and Tortuga 3 is coming very soon.

Space Oddity places you on a ship that gets busted up, and you have to repair it. It features all of the amazing graphics that Pastel is known for, but the content is a bit lacking. There are only a handful of items to find, most right in the beginning… despite having a whole lot of scenes. You’ll likely waste a lot of time clicking everywhere, when there is nothing to be found. There are also a few things to find that serve no purpose, like the mainframe password or the white border on some images. Hopefully this series will follow the Tortuga trend… not a very good game for part 1, but improves with each successive part. Also, this game features Pastel’s new inventory methodology (first featured in Covert Front 3)… which I find to be overly awkward, and 1-too-many clicks for each item you need to use.

Despite all of this criticism, this new series from Pastel has a lot of potential, so make sure to play the first part on BubbleBox today!

In case you get stuck…


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