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More Milestones + Update

by Tass on Jun.07, 2010, under game design, Personal, Random Stuff, Tasselfoot Studios, Walkthrough, youtube

Over the weekend, I had my 4th video hit 1 million views. This is the first video to hit 1+ mil that is not a fully self-contained walkthrough; instead, it is 50% of my Wake the Royalty walkthrough. The other half has 944k views and should hit 1 million sometime this summer.

Recently, the total viewcount on YouTube has been lagging. It seems to only update every few days. So I’ve been tracking my viewcount through TubeMogel instead, which is not QUITE as accurate on the short-term, but is fairly damn accurate long-term. All TubeMogel does is take a snapshot of the viewcount on each video at midnight, then sums them all together for your account total. This is dependent on YouTube updating the counts, which is why it’s often off in the short-term… but it evens out to be only a very small margin of error in the long-term. That explanation aside, My viewcount on TubeMogel as of Midnight this morning was 39,950,000… which means sometime today I hit 40 million total views. Yay!

My desktop is still in the shop, for exactly 1 week now. Going to call tomorrow to see what’s going on. Tass is starting to get the DTs from sexy computer withdraw. Sadly, I’m going to have to be without my desktop again in 2 weeks. The moving truck is taking all our stuff on June 22nd, and is not expected to arrive in Philly until June 29th. That means 1 more full week with the craptop. *sigh*.

Oh… and in other news. My big game project has basically been on hold the past week because of the desktop issue. Which sucks. Probably won’t hit FGL until July at this rate. However, I’m designing another quick satirical game with Benologist; but because of both of us being busy this month, that won’t see the light of day until July either.

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Not Always Sunny In Philadelphia

by Tass on Dec.29, 2009, under Personal, Random Stuff

Severe lack of worthless crap about my life, I know…  so here’s a bit of what’s been going down.

I’ve been in Philly for almost 2 weeks now.  It snowed like crazy right when we landed…  talking heads said it was 23″, but given I know an awful lot about what 23″ looks like…  gonna say it was less.  I’ve gotten little work done in that time; finished up some stuff on a game I’m helping to develop and recorded 1 vid.  Been slow all around because of the holidays.  Back in LA Sunday night.  Won some money playing poker and a fun word-based board game called Uncommon Sense with my HS boys.  Kicked my dad’s ass in bowling repeatedly.  Watched lots of football.  Ate way too much food…  yet still can’t gain weight.  :(

Not much on the horizon before heading home…  I’ve gotten together with everyone I need/want to see, except my mother (who I’ll see when she returns from Florida).  It’s always nice to visit family, but it’ll be good to get back home and back into my routine.

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Home For The Holidays

by Tass on Dec.16, 2009, under Personal, Random Stuff

I know I’ve mentioned it, but so that there is no confusion… I’ll be heading to Philly for over 2 weeks to spend time with my parents and high school friends. I’m leaving on a red eye Friday night (the 18th) and I’ll be back late in the afternoon on Jan 3rd. During this time, I will still be making vids… but likely the quality won’t be as good, and I doubt I’ll make as many (I know, I don’t make that many now). Basically… I’ll probably only make vids for games that I’ve been requested to make vids for…. and Nitrome’s The Gathering levels; I did the 1st 8 levels, can’t slack now and not do the rest of the packs.

I’ll miss everyone… but I’ll still be reachable via email (I <3 iPhone) and sometimes on AIM (but not MSN).

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To Philly Or Not To Philly…

by Tass on Nov.24, 2009, under Personal, Random Stuff, Whorli

So I said that I’d give my pros and cons for moving back to Philly in an earlier post. Here you go:

Pros for Philly:
-Parents, Grandmother, other close relatives
-Best friend
-Getting away from Whorli’s family
-All Philly sports are on TV locally
-Familiar and comforting surroundings
-Does not take 2 hours to drive 20 miles
-Comcast has 50Mbps package

Cons for Philly:
-Can’t wear t-shirts in January
-Crappy fast food options
-I hate moving… Lived in 10 different places in the past 7 years already
-Few flash game portals have headquarters nearby (Tom Fulp doesn’t return my e-mails)
-I’m content with living in LA and how my life is right now

In the end, I really have no say in the matter… Whorli has my balls in a death vice. She wanted to move to LA 2.5 years ago, I came. Now she wants to move back to Philly, so that is where I go. In the end, I’m ok wherever I live; My life is simple enough and I know both areas very well.

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Good Day For Philly Sports

by Tass on Nov.23, 2009, under Random Stuff, Sports

As a Philly sports fan, I’ve grown up as the ultimate pessimist. From 1983 through 2008, the city had 0 major championships across the 4 major sports… 100 seasons without one (‘Nova won a championship in 85 in ncaab, Penn State in 86 in ncaaf). 0-7 in championship finals during that span, with at least 1 loss in all 4 sports. Pretty much, we expect to lose. The Phillies are the losingest team in any sport in history (aided by a very long season and 125+ seasons, of course).

So any day when 2 Philly teams are on national TV and win… it’s a big thing to me. Villanova’s 5th ranked Wildcats played in the finals of a tournament in Puerto Rico, aired on ESPN2. Close in the 1st half and early in the 2nd, they pulled away late and won by double digits over Ole Miss. Airing at the exact same time on NBC (doesn’t anyone know not to do this to me?!?) was the Eagles v Bears. Of course, since the never know what to expect out of the Birds, I’m always nervous while watching. They didn’t disappoint, trading the lead back and forth and displaying timid play-calling late in the game when trying to sit on a lead. The Bears had a shot to win in the final 2 minutes, but thankfully Jay Cutler sucks… because Andy Reid’s prevent defense was ripe for the picking.

Yay Philly!

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