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FFR Coming Back?

by Tass on May.19, 2010, under Flash Flash Revolution, Personal

So, I’ve had a bit of a back and forth with Synth over the past few days, and have some news in regards to the future of FFR.  Here is Synth’s explanation of what happened, word for word:

“I had two disasters happen at once. The first was our mysql server literally had a fire start up in the power supply which destroyed the drives and caused  one of the quad core harpertowns to overheat and break. The other processor and ram is ok. I had to pull the machine out of the data center and literally spent 2 months in non-work time trying to pull data from a backup on 1 Linux lvm volume and mix it with the files that were recovered with low level tools. I think I have about 90%+ of the DB recovered at this point. Of course I still have 3 server leases I have to pay for each month which is putting a huge strain on things.  The other issue was that at around the same time, I received an email from the place we were hosting that demanded we either provide legal proof that we could distribute all the songs in the game and for download or  that we would need to remove the servers. You can imagine how that went.  I am about a week out from having a functional FFR with the old records and data inside a virtual environment on a single sever.”

Beyond this, I think he and I have come to an agreement where I’ll be coming back to the site. It won’t be my full-time job; FFR will go back to where it was in 2005-ish… a hobby for the owners. Synth will keep doing the day job he’s done for 2 years or so and I’ll keep doing all my other flash game stuff.

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