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Big ‘Ole Update – 5/6/11

by Tass on May.06, 2011, under Bowling, Flash, Game, Personal, ThirdStyle, Walkthrough, Whorli

So I have been pretty lazy when it comes to posting stuff here… will do my best to get back to posting more. Lot of stuff has been going on though!

I bought a house with Whorli (my girlfriend of almost 8 years now). This was about 3 weeks ago. It’s been pretty hectic trying to paint the new house, move everything out of the old house and into the new one, paint the old house and get it ready for the renters moving in (Whorli’s parents own our old house), etc etc. Still not done and we’ve been working on it for hours a day. Too many trips to Lowe’s and IKEA.

Bowling has been going fantastically. Tuesday night league is finally over… thank god. There is 1 more week left for Wednesday night, then the playoffs. Over the past 12 weeks of Wed bowling, I’ve averaged 231.00 and raised my book from 220.39 to 224.03. Yet, I somehow have a losing record in those 36 games (17.5 – 18.5). Of those 36 games, 6 have been under 200 and 5 have been over 265. I’m in 6th for average, but just 75 pins out of 3rd. I also shot back to back 700 series for the first time ever this past Tuesday and Wed (741 and 726). Will have a final bowling post for the season in 2 weeks.

Walkthrough business has been a bit slow recently, although it doesn’t seem to just be me. Most of the flash devs I talk to regularly feel that things are a bit down overall. I suspect it’ll pick up shortly, as the summer is just starting.

ThirdStyle is picking up, which is nice after 2-3 months of minimal development.

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ThirdStyle is Live

by Tass on Oct.31, 2010, under ThirdStyle

ThirdStyle. All the important info is on the front page of the site. Including a trailer and our first community event. Enjoy!

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Nov 1st – Explanation

by Tass on Oct.09, 2010, under ThirdStyle

Given certain events, we felt that it was appropriate to explain what it is that we’ve been teasing about. About 2 months ago, JasonKey called me up and asked if I’d be interested in meeting up and discussing starting up a new music site. I said I’d need to know more about it, but generally speaking… yes, I’d be interested. After a few more calls, and chats with others, 6 of us met up to see if this is something we wanted to do. The 6 are Jason, myself, Troy (Maldon/Dawnerd), Isak (Summerschool), Ricky (DrugstoreCowboy), and a new team member brought in by Jason, Jay (will be known as J). Over this weekend, it was clear that we wanted to move forward and try and start up a new site, so we hashed out a basic plan.

For all of you, the most important information is that we’ll be using thirdstyle.com as our site and that this project has absolutely nothing to do with any previous rhythm game experience we might have had. Our focus is going to be heavily on the music side, although we will not ignore our gaming friends. We don’t want to share too much with you, yet, but our goal is to stand a site up by November 1st. The site will center around a 4-key rhythm game, although we have ambitious plans to be much more.

We will be opening the site/game up to a very small number of people over the next week or so, and then have a larger beta (taking from the user comments I received in my previous post) towards the end of October. It’s still unclear whether November 1st will be a public release, or just a much bigger beta… but it will be something.

If you have any questions, post them as comments… I’ll consider answering some of them in a future post. :) And don’t forget to bookmark thirdstyle.com!

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Nov 1st – Take 3

by Tass on Oct.02, 2010, under Flash Flash Revolution, ThirdStyle

Post in the comments if you’d like a chance to be part of our upcoming Beta. Beta for what, you ask? Guess you’ll have to wait to find out…

edit: I should probably add… make sure to use a valid email address when posting a comment.

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Nov 1st Take 2

by Tass on Sep.25, 2010, under ThirdStyle, Upcoming Games

Shoutout to Dawnerd, JasonKey, DrugstoreCowboy, Summerschool, and J. Also big props to Plaguefox, bluguerrilla, Vote4Nixon, Xandtertrax, Patashu, KgZ, Cornandbeans, Draigun, iPatch, and many others.

Stay tuned…

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