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Comment of the Day: nbaietti

by Tass on Dec.19, 2009, under Flash, Tower Defense, Walkthrough, youtube

I’ve decided that a good feature of this site will be to highlight the best and worst of the comments that I get on my videos. I do in fact read every single comment I get… although I don’t reply that often. This initial comment is a good one, from YT user nbaietti.

In regards to my Whiteboard Tower Defense video, done over a year ago, he writes:
“dude, you are like the ESPN OCHO, you cover all the most obscure games ever! I LOVE it! … if you stumble upon “the crazy pirate’s leg eating donking tower defense” you can be sure Tas can show you all the game youre sucking at playing!!! keep up the awesome job, man! gratz, and long live the lance! ”

An ESPN 8 reference, love for Dragonlance… I’ll overlook the poor grammar and give my props on a very nice comment!

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Bloons Tower Defense 4 Walkthrough – Track 1, Hard Mode, No Lives Lost, Died on Wave 79

by Tass on Oct.26, 2009, under Flash, Game, NinjaKiwi, Tower Defense, Walkthrough

BTD4, Bloons Tower Defense 4, was released today. The core mechanics are the same as the previous ones, but the addition of MochiCoins to the game has changed the dynamic. Now, you have to unlock new towers, upgrades, and game modes… or if you’re lazy (or want extra powerful stuff, or new maps) you can buy all the upgrades for instant gratification.

Bloons really seems to be the most mainstream series in our segment of the casual game market, so I see no reason why the premium content won’t do very well for the Harris brothers; their iPhone apps have already proven that people are willing to shell out a few bucks for their monkey popping thrills. Perhaps this will be the first stone on the other side of the scale towards acceptance of microtransactions in flash games.

Should you need trouble, I whipped up this little vid… I was rank 20 at the start of the vid, 25 by the end:

Play Bloons Tower Defense 4!


PS – Would someone PLEASE tell my fine Kiwi friends that video ads on websites that auto-play with audio are REALLY annoying. This has just started to happen, but I’ve noticed it on 2 of my favorite indie developer sites, NinjaKiwi and Pencilkids.

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