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Views On A Month-To-Month Basis Since Jan 2008

by Tass on Nov.11, 2011, under Statistics

I was trying to come up with some new way of looking at my data last night, and this is the result. I went through YouTube’s Insight and noted my monthly views, starting with January 2008… when I only had 3 videos! From there, you can see my growth over time along with the ups and downs. Added into the totals for Nov 10 – May 11 is my monthly 5min.com view data (Jun 11 to present accounts for 150k-200k/mo, but I didn’t add them in).

Totals about 119 million views. Plus another 2 mil so far for Nov and another 1 mil for 5min across Jun-now gives ~122 million total views to date.

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Top Portals / Developers Based On Video Views

by Tass on Feb.19, 2010, under ArcadeTown, armor games, BubbleBox, Candystand, Flash, Game, jmtb02, Joey Betz, kongregate, newgrounds, NinjaKiwi, NotDoppler, Pastel Games, Statistics, youtube, Zeebarf

I spent some time on 2/17/10 compiling a spreadsheet of my top 100 videos, their aprox viewcount (rounded down to closest 1000), sponsor, developer, and whether the video was featured in-game or not. From there, I tabulated the top sponsors and the top developers (only calculated devs with 3+ videos in top 100, unless they have 800k+ views).

I have 450+ total videos, so this is less than 25% of my total videos… but these 100 account for over 22 million of my 27+ million views, so they are a fairly accurate representation of the whole. Obviously, the farther down the list you look, the less accurate it is (like LegitGames having 1 video on there, but they have 2 others that just missed the cut).

Any questions or additional data you guys would like to see? I did not include the raw list of top 100, nor did I do any analysis of in-game vs not in-game. And TITOL2 is not counted in this list for Armor or jmtb.

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2 Milestones For The Price Of 1

by Tass on Feb.01, 2010, under Personal, Statistics, youtube

So today (Monday), I woke up to This Is The Only Level having 2 million views. And just now, 45 minutes before midnight, my total viewcount hit 25 million.

I reached 10 million views on 8/8, which means I did 15 million views in a week under 6 months. Which is a bit over 2.5 million views/month for that stretch. A bit worse than my 5-10 mil stretch (7 weeks), but that was also only a 5 million gap instead of a 15 million one. Harder to sustain the views. Either way, I’m quite happy. Ideally, I’d love to average 100k/day, but I’ll take ~83k/hr for that long of a timeframe.

Interesting note: TITOL vid was released 8/7, 1 day before I hit 10 mil views. Which means, basically, 2 of those 15 million views came from 1 video. Oddly, Insight has TITOL at 12.9% of my views for the past 6 months, when I’d think it would be 13.3%… although as I said, the time frame is 1 week under 6 months, so that is the likely cause of the discrepancy.

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