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Comment of the Day: Giooo1995

by Tass on Nov.13, 2011, under Comments, youtube

On my video for Snail Bob, Levels 1-10, user Giooo1995 said:

“i do evan better in games because i have alot of badges and if you want more you really have to go to kongergate it is the fun site where 1,000 people play there i know you have alot of badges to but if you wanto get more you have to be the world champion i know you are the world champion allready but if you wanto be the top world champion yo have to earn more badges all of us knnow that your the world champion but you need to be the top of the good players.”

Reading through the comment really hurt my head. I’ll cut the kid some slack though, as based on a video on his channel… he’s about 8. Still, it’s one hell of a run-on sentence with some quality content.

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I’m Left Handed

by Tass on Mar.24, 2010, under Personal, Random Stuff

I recently posted a video of me bowling, which isn’t a big deal… I’ve been bowling in leagues since I was 8. What’s odd is how many people commented with the fact that I’m left handed. I take it for granted, but apparently it’s something unique? My father and 1 of my brothers are both left handed as well.

After doing a quick google search, it seems like studies think that somewhere between 7-15% of the population is left handed. It also says that most left handed people have some ambidexterity skills, but I do not fall into this category. I do everything left handed and also have a dominant left foot. My writing and throwing ability is flat out abysmal with my right hand.

The only thing I prefer to do with my right hand is use a mouse… I have really crappy mouse skill with my left hand.

Some people have asked how this impacts my gaming, but I don’t think it does. I’ve been using a mouse right handed since I was 5 or so… so it’s what feels natural. Even then I didn’t like using a mouse in my left hand. I do prefer using my left hand for keyboard control (which works very well with my right on the mouse), but there are some games where the setup demands using the right hand for control and the left hand for various hotkeys… and I don’t think it gives me any disadvantage.

It’s often brought up when I bowl though, since many right handed bowlers feel that lefties have an advantage. I won’t bore you with the detailed explanation of why… but I just really found it interesting that so many random people noted my left handedness.

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