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When Games Feel Like Sex

by Tass on Dec.11, 2009, under armor games, Candystand, Personal, Random Stuff, Walkthrough

I was just chatting with some of the fine folks in Kong chatroom Impossible is Nothing (IiN from now on) about how I didn’t know what to write about. Everyone was working on optimizing Wake Up The Box, which just got badges… so we moved on to discuss optimizing other games. Nudge was just released on Armor, so I challenged anyone to beat it in 24 hours without using my walkthrough… since even with the help of Rubix and 3 other people, it took us over 2 days to beat it.

I pulled Rubix in to back me up on how challenging a 24-hour 1st time completion of Nudge would be, and we started to reminisce about how amazing it was when we finally beat the final level (which took over a day, working together on strategy). To beat it, we had webcams set up so we could see each other’s strategies and discuss them in real time. When we did finally beat it, it was on Rubix’s machine, with me lending a 2nd pair of eyes through the lens. I’m pretty sure it was my best gaming moment to date. Not because it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done (I doubt it was)… but because of the massive undertaking it was, how god damn long the level wound up being, and because it was completely a team effort. It was pretty euphoric. (Here’s the level solved, if you want to see how crazy it is.)

From there, we moved on to discussing our favorite optimization games and creativity amongst game design within the Armor in-house dev team. Bix and I desperately want a 3rd TBA game and Zerris won’t ever shut up about how his Seppukuties levels are a gift from god (and to be fair, they’re really awesome).

So please share with me any gaming experience you’ve had that was as good as sex (and if you’re a virgin, just imagine what sex would be like). Also feel free to stop by IiN and say hello if you’re into high-end flash game strategy discussions and optimization.

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